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Key Tips For Buying Out Of State Homes

tips for buying out of state homes

For Highland Beach homeowners, it's likely that they may be occupying a second home. Despite the city being in close proximity to both Delray Beach and Boca Raton, the lack of schools, grocery stores, and local businesses within the city's vicinity makes it a less-than-popular locale for young families and budget renters. When looking at the city's demographic data, housing inventory, and average income, it becomes more apparent that this tiny town is more of a beachfront retreat than a place to sit down and set up shop. With a median income well over six figures and a median age of just a few months under 70, it's clear that Highland Beach caters to the "second home" demographic. Though Florida has long been a place where northerners and successful foreigners choose to invest in real estate, this effect is magnified in a place like Highland Beach. For anyone looking to invest in a beautiful Highland Beach waterfront property, here are a few tips for concerned out-of-state home buyers!

pre approved paperwork

Have All Preapproval Paperwork In Order


6 Feng Shui Tips For Your Highland Beach Condo

6 feng shui tips

"Feng Shui" is defined by Oxford as A Chinese Thought System of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy, and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when designing buildings. It may sound esoteric to the Western ear, but it's a part of everything we do when scheming and designing our homes. When it comes to our Highland Beach condos, there is so much more than just space to contend with. When gazing at the vastness of the azure Atlantic from your Sabal Point balcony, suddenly the foreign concept of energy flow becomes a much more scientific concept. The way things are spaced, sized, and positioned not only makes for a more efficient use of space, but a more balanced light and airflow leading to a generally better feeling altogether. These tips will help you as you quest to make the most out of every corner, window, and open space in your Highland Beach condominium.

avoid placing large furniture close to doorways

Avoid Placing Large Furniture Too Close to Doorways...

What Are Common Types Of Rental Agreements?

what are common types of rental agreements

Highland Beach, though one of the smallest towns served by Champagne & Parisi Agents, is one of the most lucrative markets in the state. Thanks to its single main road spanned by both our Atlantic beachfront and the Intracoastal waterway, every day is beach day as a Highland Beach homeowner. Highland Beach also experiences one of the most significant expansions and contractions of population during the fall and winter seasons. Many high-end renters are attracted to the tailor-made beachfront condos that Highland Beach is renowned for, enjoying beach resort-style living in a private residence, enriching the fortunate few who rent these units. As a general rule, it's good to know how, and what you're renting, including the nature of the agreement you're signing. For those looking to learn something new and rent in Highland Beach, read today's blog for an overview of some of the most common types of rental agreements. 

annual long term agreement

Annual Or Long Term Agreement

The most common form of a rental agreement is a long-term agreement. Usually, these are annual contracts...

Cost Effective Kitchen Updates For Your Highland Beach Rental Condo

cost effective kitchen updates

There are many ways to elevate the lifestyle you lead in your Highland Beach condo kitchen without breaking the bank or changing your entire space. With the limited space of many Highland Beach condos and their high price tag, how we adorn and utilize our condos is an exercise in the marriage of form and function. Whether looking to rent your condo or live large on the beach, these ideas are cost-effective and together (or on their own) will elevate the quality of life you experience in your Highland Beach condo.

replace dated knobs and handles

Replace Dated Knobs, Handles, And Hardware

Despite its diminutive presence against the backdrop of the entire kitchen, hardware can make a major difference in both appearance and practicality. Old, gaudy, bronzine-style hardware is out, largely being replaced by sleek, slim, and minimalistic drawers, knobs, handles, and shelves. A cheap, very easy solo project for just about any skill level, replacing hardware...

How Renters Insurance Helps Landlords and Tenants | Highland Beach Rental Properties

how rental insurance helps tenants and landlords

Rentals are a rarity in Highland Beach, where many move to enjoy the soothing sand and lapping waves as part of their ultimate destination. However, for those who are seasonal residents, or those looking to create an income property from their Highland Beach condo, renters insurance is practically a must. In today's Highland Beach Real Estate blog, we review some of the most compelling and simple reasons that renters insurance benefits both renter and landlord and why you should demand it as part of your income-producing property, especially in a place as upscale and costly as Highland Beach, Florida.

protects personal property

Protects The Tenant's Personal Property

The first and most important consideration is the protection of personal property for your tenant. This not only creates peace of mind but also easily sorts through any property damage situation as it stands without confusion. Even a younger, less wealthy tenant will likely have thousands of dollars of personal property in your rental at any time. This could include but is not limited to:


5 Profit Killing Mistakes Highland Beach Landlords Make With Their Rental Property

5 profit killing mistakes

As a boutique, upscale Highland Beach Real Estate brokerage with extensive experience with investor clientele, we've seen all manner of profit and loss from landlords we've sold homes to and advised in the past. To narrow our list of ill-advised landlord mistakes to five was difficult, as there are many examples of poor choices cutting into profits and depreciating the quality of the rental property. For current and future rental owners, we're here to get in front of what could be your biggest mistake yet. These five landlord mistakes shown below are the most common and expected from landlords just about anywhere, and a cautionary tale to anyone looking to cut corners and save now. It may cost you big later!

neglecting essential appliance maintenance

Neglecting Essential Maintenance On Major Appliances

The inevitable breakdown of the washer, dryer, or other major appliance is the bane of a landlord's existence. Save for major disasters like flooding, fire, or a full HVAC overhaul, the repair or replacement of significant appliances can wipe out profits for a month or more. The extension of life on these pieces of equipment is one of the most important roles local handymen play when servicing rental homes, but their upkeep is often ignored until...

Creative Ways To Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

creative ways to pay off your mortgage

Committing to a mortgage is one of the most significant financial decisions anyone can make. When financing your Highland Beach Condo, making the wrong move could lead you to ruin. On the contrary, and in a much more optimistic tone, consider the benefits of paying off your mortgage early. While the benefit to your credit may not be as significant, the loss of funds to interest far surpasses any lost benefit to your credit score. After all, a credit score is worthless if you can't afford what you're qualifying for. For the early birds, late workers, and fiscally present homeowners, here are some creative ways to pay off your mortgage.

round up 100 dollars

Round Up To The Next $100, or $1,000

One way many millennials have automated little savings is with the "round-up rule." It states that any amount spent should be rounded up to the next dollar, with the difference going to savings. For instance, if a candy bar costs $1.17, the roundup rule would determine that the additional $0.83 to reach $2.00 would be automated to savings. The same logic can be used to attack your mortgage. If your payment is $2,687, add that...

Understanding An Escalation Clause In Real Estate | Highland Beach Real Estate

what is an escalation clause in real estate

An escalation clause is a contractual stipulation that enhances or otherwise changes depending on counteroffers from differing parties. It defines certain conditions that, when met, allow the outstanding offer to be elevated to a certain stated amount. In real estate, escalation clauses are one of the best ways to ensure you get the slice of Highland Beach Real Estate you're pining for, strengthening your offer and showing your prospective seller you mean business. In today's blog, learn the ins and outs of a real estate escalation clause and whether you should consider adding one to your next offer.

what is an escalation clause?

What Is An Escalation Clause?

Partially defined above, an escalation clause in real estate often means you are willing to match any competing offer to a certain stated price. This ensures that you stay in the running for the home in absentia, with your offer doing the work for you. In theory, the concept of an escalation clause is simple, but in practice requires greater attention to detail and includes several key...

Creative Ways To Design Your Highland Beach Deck Space

highland beach deck design ideas

For Highland Beach homeowners, your outdoor space is the piece de la resistance. It is a place where you can enjoy the latest in Summer kitchen elegance, culinary innovation, and sunny days by your infinity pool. Despite the abundant ways to achieve an everlasting state of bliss on your Highland Beach patio deck, there are still limitations to the space and scope of your design. For our part, we examined, spoke to, and enjoyed several shining examples of Highland Beach patio design, and devised our list of creative ways to design your deck space. Read on and find what works for you!

modern patio railing

Add A Modern Railing

They often are understated or ignored altogether, but railings can dramatically alter the appearance of the space that surrounds them. The noteworthy Mediterranean-inspired railings and accents of Highland Beach Condos like Toscana are as much a part of the visage of the community as the spaces kept between them. Adding, swapping, or designing around a new updated railing will bring a tiered effect to your outdoor deck and give your guests something to lean on while taking in the sunsets.

pour block for grill and gas...

5 Things To Consider When Buying A Second Home

5 things to consider when buying a second home

Highland Beach is a quiet beachfront town renowned for its concentrated wealth and numerous part-time residents. Some Highland Beach residents come from afar,  even buying second homes in the tens of millions. For others of more modest yet still resplendent means, buying a second home is an opportunity not without its challenges. The last thing anyone would want is for their vacation home to become their biggest liability. Without sound investment plans and a keen understanding of your cash flow situation, buying a second home in Highland Beach could become an anchor when it should be your playground. Here are 5 important things to consider before buying a second home in South Florida, especially Highland Beach!

plans for the home

Your Plans For The Home

Before buying a home, let alone a second home, you should know what your primary purpose for the space will be. If you're looking for a watersports hub to enjoy the sun and blue skies during the hottest days of Summer, you may be a little disappointed buying too far from the nearest boat launch and maintenance depot. However, if you're seeking the finest amenities and have little regard for your Highland Beach condo in relation to the positioning of the sun, you might...