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Real Estate Content Ideas To Get More Clients

real estate content ideas to get more listings

Real Estate is growing ever more digital, but as a reputation-based industry with long-term transactions, creating your niche and becoming successful is more than just marketing a product at the point of sale. Agents and brokers know that content of all types is crucial to projecting your expertise and attracting the audience you desire. Here are some terrific content ideas that work online and on paper. Bring these to life and watch your business grow!

neighborhood guides in highland beach

Neighborhood Guides

There’s no better endorsement for a neighborhood than living there yourself! Yet for all others in the area, you can easily visit, compile, and put together guides that will provide your clientele with the latest and most crucial information to hone their decisions. Highland Beach condos are a specific niche that are unique even amongst its neighbors. Neighborhood guides can include things like pricing guides, amenity lists, local restaurants, shops, beautiful photography, and adjacent...

Sea Turtle Nesting Season On Highland Beach | Highland Beach Real Estate

the dos and dont's of sea turtle season in highland beach

Highland Beach is a mere sliver of waterfront real estate nestled between Boca Raton and Delray Beach. Thanks to the unorthodox founding of this tiny waterfront town with less than 5,000 annual residents, the city has become a uniquely suitable nesting site for sea turtles. These spectacular, oft-endangered creatures are some of the most majestic fauna that graces our regional waters. As those fortunate enough to enjoy living on Highland Beach, it's our job to be stewards of our own backyard, and consider the needs of the land and nature that has been here long before we arrived. For newcomers, the nuances of sea turtle nesting season can be confusing, or unknown. As your Highland Beach Realtors, we may not be ecologists, but we know the best and worst practices while being mindful of sea turtles on Highland Beach. Here are some do's and dont's to be aware of as sea turtle nesting season on Highland Beach quickly approaches.

dim outdoor lighting

Remove Or Dim Outdoor Lighting


5 Ultra-Luxe Highland Beach Condos | The Most Upscale Highland Beach Condos

5 ultraluxe highland beach condos

Highland Beach condos are known for their immediate beach access and refined luxury amenities. These lovely condos outfit a stretch of barely more than a mile, giving the small but fortunate year-round population of Highland Beach a beautiful platform to live their best lives. In truth, every Highland Beach condo for sale is a spectacular expression of the best of the South Florida lifestyle. Yet, there are some that stand above all, whether in size, scale, or luxury appointments. These five might not be your top five, but among several selections, these 5 ultraluxe Highland Beach condos represent the very best in Highland Beach Real Estate. Read on to learn more about each!

villa magna front entry

Villa Magna

Villa Magna includes 89 luxurious condos directly on the waterfront. Featuring breathtaking views, these condos are amongst the most valued and in-demand in the Highland Beach Real Estate market. Beyond the magnificent lobby with a 24/7 doorman and security, features include oversized gourmet kitchens, crown molding, marble floors, and a paradisal view of both the ocean and Intracoastal. Additionally, Villa Magna condos sit on the northern edge of Highland Beach, ensuring near-instant access to Delray Beach and its many activities. 

toscana condos...

5 Affordable Highland Beach, FL Condos | Affordable Luxury Real Estate

affordable highland beach luxury

Highland Beach, FL certainly could be seen by some as a "millionaire mile." After all, the tiny beachfront town of just a few thousand is laden with luxury waterfront condos, beachfront and Intracoastal mansions, and high-end townhomes. Yet, despite all the glamor and exclusivity of this spectacular community nestled between Boca and Delray, there still remain options for those with discerning taste who aren't looking to pay exorbitant prices for unneeded amenities. For those of you searching for the good life at a great price tag, here are five delightfully affordable Highland Beach condo communities.

seagate of highland beach

Seagate of Highland

Seagate of Highland is the first on our list, with a distinct ivory and gold sign denoting the entryway to this lovely Highland Beach condo. This 55+ condo community sits on a 12-acre property with 316 premium residences. Outside its immediate proximity...

Highland Beach Pet Friendly Condos | Highland Beach Condos For Sale

pet friendly highland beach condos

Below, we list all pet friendly condos along the shimmering 1.1 mile strand known as Highland Beach, Florida. This masterful blend of natural perfection and human ingenuity has yielded one of the great luxury communities in South Florida. When reading this list and inquiring about these fabulous Highland Beach condos, be sure to communicate with your Realtor and condo association to ensure you are up to date and compliant with any requirements and restrictions prior to moving forward with your pets. 

3200 south ocean front entry

3200 South Ocean

3200 South Ocean is one of the newest luxury waterfront condominium buildings in Highland Beach, FL. 3200 South Ocean comprises 20 pet-friendly condos with options for two to three-bedroom floor plans. Condos for sale in 3200 South Ocean range in size from 2,215 to 8,038 square feet. This ultra-prime location sits on the Intracoastal side of A1A, featuring designer baths, custom kitchens, 10-foot ceilings, and expansive private balcony with stunning views.


Highland Beach Home Maintenance | A Quick Guide To Keeping Your Home Clean

highland beach home maintenance guide

Living in a beautiful Highland Beach home is a slice of paradise that is the envy of the world. However, with all oceanfront real estate, there are nuances that are specific to caring for your home. With a lifetime under the beaming Florida sun, surrounded by salt spray and high humidity, there are many ways that a Highland Beach home can and will deteriorate without the proper care. Inland homes face similar challenges, but with the proximity to the waterfront comes a need to focus on issues that are amplified due to the oceanfrontage. Learn more about ways to keep your Highland Beach home safe, clean, and valuable! 

rusty screw in metal surface

Check Metal Fixtures For Rust

Highland Beach truly puts the "beach" in its name. With no residency more than a few feet away from a large saltwater body (our Intracoastal or Atlantic Ocean) its key to keep an eye on your metal fixtures, especially screws, nails, and other fasteners that keep things in place. There are a number of ways to prevent and protect against the wear and tear of salt spray, but being aware and vigilant of your needs in the first place is the best way to be as a Highland Beach...

5 Subtle Ways You Can Reduce Pollution At Your Highland Beach Home

highland beach ways to reduce pollution

Living on the waterfront provides you with a special opportunity to rise and shine in the lap of luxury. However, with the luxuriousness of your Highland Beach home comes to a greater responsibility. Our oceans are our largest, most biodiverse, and most important ecosystems on the planet, and they are essential to the health of our environment. As a Highland Beach homeowner, you have one of the most untouched, private, and spectacular beaches in America at your feet, and thus a relationship with our oceans that is a remarkable privilege that must be taken seriously. The way you eat, clean, and life can have a significant impact (or lack thereof) on the wellness of our oceans. Read on through the Highland Beach blog to learn more about how to care for your Highland Beach home, and Highland Beach itself!

organic microfiber free textiles

Choose Textiles With No Synthetic Microfibers

Your choice of textiles is crucial to your contribution to, or not to pollution in our ocean. Microfibers are synthetic threads found in materials like rayon, spandex, and polyester that accumulate in the ocean, leeching chemicals onto plastics and toxifying...

Build Your Perfect Highland Beach Outdoor Kitchen | Highland Beach Homeowner Advice

build your perfect highland beach kitchen

Every Highland Beach Home and Condo is a waterfront property. Regardless of where your home rests, the inevitability of wear & tear is omnipresent due to the consistent heat, humidity, and salt spray in the air. Highland Beach waterfront real estate is among the most sought-after in America, and for good reason! Beach parties and patio soirees are all the rage for the many upper-class residents who call Highland Beach home, and for those who can afford them, outdoor kitchens punctuate the emphasis on melding luxury with our naturally majestic Atlantic oceanfront. While we don't claim to be interior (or exterior) designers, we have seen quite a few spectacular outdoor kitchens in Highland Beach homes. From our experience and with the help of a few experts, we learned some of the most important things to ponder when building your perfect Highland Beach outdoor kitchen!

waterproof your patio seating

Weatherproof Your Decking and Furniture

It should come across as fairly obvious that your outdoor appliances require stainless steel and adequate cover. Thankfully, many Highland Beach homes include an area for outdoor grilling and dining under shaded coverage. However,...

5 Ways To Love Highland Beach | Keep Highland Beach Clean!

5 ways to keep highland beach clean

Highland Beach is a waterfront community of homes, condos, townhomes, and villas that resides exclusively on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean between Boca Raton and Delray Beach. The determined, affluent community is an ecological blessing, however unintentional, in large part due to the city's existence itself. With no traffic lights, minimal night activity and private, low-trafficked beaches, the town has become a haven for sea turtles, oceanic birds, fish, crustaceans, and more. For your part, acknowledge the privilege that comes with living on this immaculate strip of land and its neighboring waters, and learn how you can keep Highland Beach clean!

beach trash container

Bring A Trash Container To The Beach

We love the motto "five pieces a day." This philosophy governs our belief when it comes to everyday life, not just on the beach. Bring a bag, small container, or another receptacle for trash will not only give you a convenient way to dispose of any of your own trash, but encourage the occasional pickup of wayward beach garbage. The beach is the first line of civilization where all citizens reside behind, therefore protecting Highland Beach from litter is to defend the frontlines of our living space. Having a way to quickly dispose...

Highland Beach News Roundup | News, Notes, and Key Stories Around Highland Beach

highland beach summer roundup

AA small, upscale town with an indomitable spirit, Highland Beach has proven to be one of the more fascinating pockets of civilization in South Florida. Beginning with its velveteen yet defiant separation over drinking water, Highland Beach residents now enjoy some of the finest waterfront homes and condos in the country. With only a few thousand residents, 2 businesses, and no traffic lights, this otherwise quiet beachfront town has had plenty of action in the political and social spheres, making big moves to improve the already superb quality of life for its residents. With Summer winding down, we took a look at the news stories that compelled us, and that we felt you should know.

highland beach fire chief

Highland Beach Gets Its Fire Chief

Highland Beach has fought for its fire department, citing improved costs and reduced response time among its prime purposes to finalize its collaboration with Delray Beach FD. While the residents are pleased and respect the years of partnership with Delray Beach, it was time for the city to begin a new era of self-determination. Through this effort, Highland Beach proudly named Glenn Joseph, a veteran of over three decades in fire service as its chief. Mr. Joseph served as Fire Chief of Boynton Beach, Deputy...