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Cam D. Milani Park Postponed 'Til 2025 | Highland Beach Real Estate

the future site of cam d. milani park

For those who have passed through the short mile-long strip that is Highland Beach, a wide parcel of land (wide by Highland Beach standards) on the west side of A1A is likely to stand out to viewers. For a town exclusively on A1A and entirely comprised of condos, with a single business to boast, a public park is a noticeable addition to the Highland Beach real estate market. As we dug into this noticeably empty parcel, we learned there's a whole lot more to the past, present, and future of the proposed Cam D. Milani Park than meets the eye. 

who was cam d milani

Cam D. Milani was a prominent area developer for years. Currently succeeded by his wife Lucia and his son, also named Cam, they are at the fulcrum of what has been a three-decade legal battle happening right under our noses. In 1987, Lucia Milani sold the parcel of land designated for Cam D. Milani Park for $3.9 million with the caveat that the land is used as a park and named in the senior Milani's honor. The 5.6-acre land has a portion on the inland and beachside of A1A, with space for 120 cars to park. Over 30 years later, and the Milani family remain frustrated with the city's continued push to delay and block development.

why has cam d milani park not opened?...

10 Fast Facts About Highland Beach | Highland Beach Real Estate

10 fast facts about Highland Beach

Here we go! Enjoy these 10 quick facts about Highland Beach. For those keeping score at home, that's one fact for every 430 Highland Beach residents. Enjoy this gorgeous strand of South Florida majesty, and learn why this little town is just a little different!

Highland Beach founding

Highland Beach Was Formed Over A Drinking Water Dispute

This beautiful strand of beachfront was officially incorporated in 1949 as part of a dispute over drinking water. The 21 votes cast to peacefully secede from the confines of Boca Raton were related to the intrusion of saltwater on a necessary supply, which neighboring towns refused to lend aid for. 

no traffic lights on Highland Beach

There are no traffic lights on highland beach

It's true! The closest thing to a traffic light is a stop sign or a cyclist, who lines the expanded sidewalks and bike lanes of A1A.

top 3 places to retire in America


Featured Listing, Private Highland Beach | Highland Beach Real Estate

private highland beach condo

A rare opportunity awaits on the white sands and shimmering shores of beautiful Highland Beach, FL! Situated directly between Delray Beach to the north and Boca Raton to the south, this almost exclusively waterfront community spans just over a mile of majestic South Florida coastline. Despite its minute population and small geographical footprint, Highland Beach looms large with its superb waterfront condos and the small but unique local populace. Incorporated in 1949, Highland Beach’s “secession” from Boca was velveteen, claiming its autonomy over a simple dispute on salinity treatments to their freshwater supply. Learn more about this gorgeous beach town, and the luxury condo that awaits you!

exclusive highland beach condo

Stand Up To The Storms

Highland Beach can take its name literally, with the average property residing more than 20 feet above sea level. For a state that can likely claim a landfill as its highest peak, this bolstering of nearly two stories ensures that the strong, durable construction of your Highland Beach condo isn’t the only thing standing up to the threat of a hurricane. Enjoy the views from your elevated perspective, and when the storm surge rises, you’ll be that much better off....

5 Reasons To Move To Highland Beach | Highland Beach Real Estate

5 reasons to move to Highland Beach

Highland Beach is its own sliver of subtropical magic, wedged between the elegant Boca Raton and the newly bustling, trendy Delray Beach. Learn from our Champagne & Parisi Realtor Team why Highland Beach is one of the most desirable communities to consider in the area. Here are 5 reasons we've heard from clients past & present about why to move to Highland Beach!

close up of feet in beach hammock

Hang Your Hat On Highland Beach

Highland Beach, much like its neighbors Boca Raton to the south and Delray Beach to the north, is teeming with retirees. Niche.com rated Highland Beach in its top 3 best places to retire in America. Despite its reputation for housing an aged population, this isn't to detract from the majestic tropical vibrancy, beautiful foliage, and more than available white sand beaches to spend a moment or the rest of your life upon. 

woman on pier overlooking Highalnd Beach

The Perfect Middle Ground

There are a few terrestrial plays-on-words we expect to employ when discussing this aptly...

A Brief History Of Highland Beach | Highland Beach Real Estate

a brief history of highland beach

Highland Beach - A town of less than 4,000 headquartered on a tiny shimmering strand of coastline that stretches barely more than a mile. This beautiful and unique town is almost entirely residential, featuring sprawling beachside mansions dotted by a handful of municipal structures. With Delray Beach directly to the north and Boca Raton due south, some may be wondering why a separate town exists at all. Read on to learn more - from our first historical discoveries to the state of the town today! Here is a brief history of Highland Beach.

Pre-Settlement History

calusa indian territory

Before the arrival of Spanish settlers, and well before the flight of Seminole Indians southward due to the Seminole Wars, this area was dominated by the Calusa Indians. The Calusa tribe were the first humans to be encountered and recorded and likely developed from centuries of archaic Everglades peoples. In their native tongue, Calusa translates to "fierce people," a reputation they backed often. 

Also known as "shell Indians" much of their crafts utilized the small and larger shells found throughout the region. In fact, the term "conched" on the head may have stemmed from the mace-like weapon Calusa Indians would wield - a stick with a vine-tethered shell of a lightning whelk. This jagged conch-like mollusk leaves behind a shell that is perfect for this purpose. A Calusa dart was responsible...

Top Five Luxury Condos in Highland Beach, FL

Top Five Luxury Condos in Highland Beach, FL

Highland Beach is an upscale beachside town located directly off scenic State Road A1A between Boca Raton and Delray Beach on the southern coast of Palm Beach County, FL. Hailed as one of the most affluent towns in the U.S., this small community encompasses a narrow slice of land nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. Renowned for its nearly three-mile stretch of unspoiled beachfront and its peaceful, small-town feel, Highland Beach is one of the most desirable locations for people seeking to retire or relocate to the Gold Coast. 

Highland Beach boasts some of the most prestigious and expensive luxury real estate in all of South Florida, including a remarkable selection of ultra-luxurious waterfront condos with unparalleled ocean & Intracoastal views. Though there is no shortage of desirable condos with amazing views in Highland Beach, there are some luxury condominiums that stand out from the rest. For those who will settle for nothing but the absolute finest in luxury condo living, we suggest you check out our exclusive list of the Top Five Luxury Condos in Highland Beach.

1) Toscana

Toscana is an upscale waterfront community...

Highland Beach Home Tour Etiquette Guide | HighlandBeachRealEstate.com

Home Tour Etiquette Guide

When it comes to Highland Beach house hunting, sooner or later you’re bound to find yourself confronted by a question of proper home touring etiquette. After all, you’re an invited guest in somebody else’s Highland Beach home for sale—someone who you don’t know, who isn’t around, and whose house rules are a complete mystery to you.

As you’d expect, the normal rules of courtesy still apply—except when they don’t. For instance, if you are visiting a friend’s home, it wouldn’t be very polite to go about opening up the bedroom closet doors—when touring prospective homes for your next HIghland Beach real estate purchase, unless you are instructed otherwise, that’s a behavior that gets a green light. You might be treated to a “peek and shriek” if the seller has resorted to some last-minute decluttering via haphazard closest-stuffing, but house touring etiquette says that closet inspection is acceptable and even expected. Closet space, after all, is a valuable part of the home’s layout and an important consideration for many when buying a home.

Less clear are any number of gray areas. When your house hunting leads you through an extensive number...

New Condo Listing in Carlton House

There's a new Champagne & Parisi Real Estate listing in Highland Beach that is sure to take your breath away. View Listing by Clicking here. Wake up to sparkling water views from every room in this oceanfront Carlton House condo.

Carlton House Highland Beach

Along with views of the ocean, this condo is updated with wood floors, custom built-in cabinetry in the living room, a designer bar in the recently renovated kitchen, and baths with bamboo glass doors. The condo can be sold fully furnished, so it is move-in ready! It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and is 1,350 square feet. It also has rice paper wall coverings and Murano lighting. You can't beat this condo for sale in Carlton House Highland Beach!

Carlton House, built in 1964, is located just south of Linton Boulevard along A1A. You'll be near all of the wonderful Delray Beach attractions, and just minutes away from the beautiful beaches. This condo is perfect as a vacation home or a place to live year round. Carlton House boasts resort-style amenities such as a heated swimming pool, 24-hour security, covered parking, a fitness center and common rooms for entertaining. 

Highland Beach is a small seaside town between Delray Beach and Boca Raton. Many residents live here seasonally, but some prefer to live in Florida's paradise all year...

Pet Friendly Condos in Highland Beach, FL

Pet friendly condos can be a challenge to find in Highland Beach, FL. Highland Beach is a small seaside town located in the southern part of Palm Beach County. Below is a list of current pet friendly condos available in Highland Beach.

Real Estate in Highland Beach

Want to learn more information on one of these Highland Beach communities? Click on the condo below to find out more about the pet friendly condos for sale in Highland Beach.

3200 South Ocean 
3200 South Ocean is a newly constructed luxury waterfront condominium building in Highland Beach, FL. 20 pet-friendly condos comprise 3200 South Ocean and come with two to three bedroom floor plans. Condos for sale in 3200 South Ocean range in size from 2,215 to 8,038 square feet. 

45 Ocean
45 Ocean is one of the most affordable condo communities in Highland Beach. 160 pet-friendly condos in 45 Ocean sit right along the ocean. These two bedroom condos range in size from 1,100 to 1,200 square feet. 

Casuarina is a luxury waterfront condo building that is also pet-friendly. 54 condos in Casuarina sit between the Intracoastal and the Atlantic Ocean in Highland Beach, FL. These two to three bedroom condos are sized between 1,500 and 2,500 square feet. 

Highland Beach Club
Highland Beach Club is a resort-style condo building in the southern part...

Highland Beach Condo with Fantastic Views

Dine Alfresco in your Condo on Highland Beach

No doubt about it, the world is in a mad rush. Or is it? We all have the ability to slow things down. The choice is ours. Of course, this journey to a balanced lifestyle begins with your thoughts and intentions.

The second pathway to that perfect existence, we believe is where and how you live.

We all have heard the same comments. You live where? You are so lucky! You live in paradise and so we do. We need to cherish simple fact ... we are so fortunate.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of ways to "slowdown" and enjoy life in Highland Beach, Florida:

Partake in outdoor activities available to us year round

• These include long leisurely walks along the three miles of Highland Beach.
• Swim in the warm arms of the Atlantic Ocean, don't like the current, try this pool.
• Grab a good book and head toward here.
• Try a game of tennis anyone

There is always dining alfresco on your Condo balcony on Highland Beach. This condo, we have listed for sale in Highland Beach offers both intracoastal and ocean views. It is located at 4748 South Ocean Boulevard in Highland Beach in the Dalton Place on the eighth floor of this sixteen-story building.

Highland Beach Waterfront Condo

Interior Features of this unit include:

• 2100 square feet of luxurious open plan living area
• 275 square feet on the balconies, corner unit
• Three bedrooms
• Three full bathrooms