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Creative Ways To Design Your Highland Beach Deck Space

highland beach deck design ideas

For Highland Beach homeowners, your outdoor space is the piece de la resistance. It is a place where you can enjoy the latest in Summer kitchen elegance, culinary innovation, and sunny days by your infinity pool. Despite the abundant ways to achieve an everlasting state of bliss on your Highland Beach patio deck, there are still limitations to the space and scope of your design. For our part, we examined, spoke to, and enjoyed several shining examples of Highland Beach patio design, and devised our list of creative ways to design your deck space. Read on and find what works for you!

modern patio railing

Add A Modern Railing

They often are understated or ignored altogether, but railings can dramatically alter the appearance of the space that surrounds them. The noteworthy Mediterranean-inspired railings and accents of Highland Beach Condos like Toscana are as much a part of the visage of the community as the spaces kept between them. Adding, swapping, or designing around a new updated railing will bring a tiered effect to your outdoor deck and give your guests something to lean on while taking in the sunsets.

pour block for grill and gas...

5 Things To Consider When Buying A Second Home

5 things to consider when buying a second home

Highland Beach is a quiet beachfront town renowned for its concentrated wealth and numerous part-time residents. Some Highland Beach residents come from afar,  even buying second homes in the tens of millions. For others of more modest yet still resplendent means, buying a second home is an opportunity not without its challenges. The last thing anyone would want is for their vacation home to become their biggest liability. Without sound investment plans and a keen understanding of your cash flow situation, buying a second home in Highland Beach could become an anchor when it should be your playground. Here are 5 important things to consider before buying a second home in South Florida, especially Highland Beach!

plans for the home

Your Plans For The Home

Before buying a home, let alone a second home, you should know what your primary purpose for the space will be. If you're looking for a watersports hub to enjoy the sun and blue skies during the hottest days of Summer, you may be a little disappointed buying too far from the nearest boat launch and maintenance depot. However, if you're seeking the finest amenities and have little regard for your Highland Beach condo in relation to the positioning of...

Our 5 Favorite Order-In Restaurants Near Highland Beach

5 favorite order in restaurants

Highland Beach is a horse of a different color. Wedged on the beachfront between Delray Beach and Boca Raton, this beautiful waterfront town is home to just over 4,000 annual residents, with that number doubling during tourist season. Thanks to its unique position and status, Highland Beach has no traffic lights, schools, restaurants, and only two businesses with a Highland Beach address. Despite its relative "isolation" from the bustle and nightlife of nearby towns, in reality, the edges of the city are only a mile apart, and on either side, the town is flanked by two of the most exciting downtown districts in South Florida.

For avid foodies and cocktail connoisseurs, Atlantic Avenue to the north, and Mizner Park to the south, are each replete with dozens of incredible food selections - from the finest upscale dining to cheesesteaks and truffle fries. For those Highland Beach residents content with watching the moon rise from their beautifully decorated patio, here are 5 of our favorite spots to order in from to the north and south.

hawkers asian street food

Hawkers Asian Street Food - North

When we think of delivery food, we...

5 Modern Gadgets To Help The Busy Realtor | Real Estate Technology

5 modern gadgets to help the busy realtor

Real Estate is changing. Technology has influenced everything we do. From how we call our leads, to how we show homes, and how buyers search for them, everything is new in this now centuries-old profession. Despite the fact that Real Estate still includes a significant emphasis on direct marketing, physical ads, and referral discourse, technology is affecting every aspect of the industry. For the on-the-go, quick-thinking Realtor, these 5 simple and sometimes inexpensive gadgets will amplify your productivity and mobilize you in ways you can't on your own. Read today's Highland Beach Real Estate blog and get your list ready! 

quality tablet computer

A Quality Tablet Computer

A tablet computer is not a necessity but can add a level of technological dynamism to your career. Tablets are handheld, easy to move, affordable compared to laptops, and often include display options that are excellent for modern presentations. Tablets allow for sleek, quick movement from app to app, render beautiful high-quality images, and can record leads at an open house. Tablets allow for the mobility of a cellular phone and the...

How To Care For Your Boat After A Hurricane | Highland Beach Boat Safety

how to care for your boat after a hurricane

The big one has passed, and the sun pierces the misty veil of the morning after. Your home, family, and friends are ok - what matters most. But what of your boat? Your beautiful, shimmering vessel of South Floridian bliss - the aquatic party platform you envisioned spending your Sunday adrift upon when you moved to Highland Beach. In today's guide, we close the door on our two-part hurricane preparedness series for your Highland Beach boat. If you've done everything you can to prepare, all you can do is wait. Stay safe during hurricane season, and read these tips below on how to care for your boat after a hurricane.

permission to enter the marina

Ensure You Are Safe & Permitted To Reenter The Marina

Marinas are secure locations to start with, but may also contain hazards that could delay or prevent its opening altogether for some time after the hurricane. Marinas, when damaged can be susceptible to everything from jagged metal edges to leaking gas and live wires. When the storm passes, your boat shouldn't be the first thing on your mind anyway. With a little patience and some effort on behalf of the marina team, you'll access your boat as soon as possible and begin assessing the damage, if...

Highland Beach Real Estate Market Report (Summer 2023)

highland beach summer market report

Highland Beach has seen exploding home prices in recent years. Stemming primarily from the COVID pandemic and subsequent urban crime wave across several cities normally associated with relocations to Florida, these effects were only exacerbated following these events. With very few single-family housing, townhomes, and undeveloped land, the Highland Beach Real Estate market is built much more on the value of its existing assets than its potential to develop further. Read on and learn much more about the state of the market in Highland Beach and how this unique community has been impacted by the winds of change.

All data is sourced from FlexMLS and compares the current 6-month period with the previous year.

construction workers putting together upright beams

New Construction Condos in Highland Beach

Highland Beach is just 1.1 miles of waterfront real estate along the Atlantic Ocean. Save for a new construction mansion in Bel Lido Isle currently listed at $12,500,000, there are no new significant projects underway in the limited space Highland Beach provides. Instead,...

How To Secure And Protect Your Boat During A Hurricane | Highland Beach Boat Safety

how to prepare your highland beach boat for a hurricane

Hurricanes are an inevitable part of life in South Florida. While the monstrous storms that defined the early 2000s are farther and fewer between, it's necessary to remain vigilant at all times. At the very least, we can have a baseline of preparedness for when the storm makes the news and the community begins to stir. Unlike other natural disasters, hurricanes come with a warning - sometimes as far as a week ahead. While this works to our advantage in some ways, it leads to a panic that is impossible to inculcate through a tornado or earthquake. Thus, having a plan of action and a handful of basic supplies may be the difference between a madhouse Costco run and the ability to remain home, preparing our space for the crash.

For Highland Beach condo owners, boating and the water are part of the allure of living here. It is nigh impossible to choose life in this small beachside town without the innate desire to enjoy the waters we're blessed to live upon. For boaters, these tips are a great way to stay on the ball and prepare your boat for a hurricane. Read further in the Highland Beach blog to learn more about boater safety and the ecological care of this special place.

remove your boat from the water


4 Crucial Security Features To Look For In Your Highland Beach Condo

key highland beach condo security features

Highland Beach Real Estate is almost exclusively comprised of luxury high-rise condos and townhomes, many of which represent the apex of quality in waterfront condo living. However, before a state of relaxation can be achieved, one must be guaranteed of their stability, safety, and security. At minimum, these 4 key security features should be present in your Highland Beach condo. Despite the intrapersonal danger at a near-nonexistent minimum, a basic measure of security should be expected for your dollar. Read on and set your expectations high for the many wonderful condos in Highland Beach - starting with safety.

manned security guard

Manned Security

The most active and useful layer of security is an actual human being. The most luxurious and security-conscious Highland Beach condos often feature 24/7 manned security stations, usually with a gate/desk agent and roving security alongside them. Not only is an actual person the most useful form of security, having a relatable, regular face to associate with safety is a wonderful way to achieve peace of mind where it matters most.


Highland Beach Hurricane Preparedness | 5 Tips To Prepare Your Highland Beach Home For Hurricane Season

prepare your highland beach home for hurricanes

Highland Beach is renowned for its natural bulwark against hurricanes. With a slight uptick in elevation and robust beachfront plant life, Highland Beach is one of the best waterfront communities to protect against storms by nature. Yet, even a fortified palace seated upon a sandy loft is no match for mother nature if preparations are not made. This isn't to scare you or to deter you from seeking beautiful waterfront condos like The Wiltshire House or Trafalgar, but it is meant to heighten your vigilance and provide some tips you may not have learned from conventional wisdom and most commonly available information. Learn the basics and check in with the Highland Beach Real Estate blog to learn more about hurricane preparedness for Highland Beach residents.

partially drain pool

If You Own A Pool, Partially Drain It

Some of these tips may be irrelevant if you're the fortunate resident of one of the many luxury condos...

5 Reasons To Move To Highland Beach | Highland Beach Condos For Sale

5 reasons to move to highland beach

Highland Beach is a magnificent gem among gems in one of the most desirable stretches of our eastern seaboard. One of the best-kept secrets of Palm Beach County, this tiny stretch of beachfront real estate is renowned for its waterfront mansions and high-rise luxury condos. Beyond the exquisite and exclusive housing opportunities, there are numerous reasons to choose life in Highland Beach. These 5 reasons to move to Highland Beach may not have anything to do with where you sleep and the home or condo you live in, but they are significant nonetheless. Learn why the tiny beach town of Highland Beach is a unique expression of South Florida real estate, wedged between two of South Florida's most iconic beachfront towns.

a natural protection against hurricanes

A Natural Bulwark Against Hurricanes

The relatively flat topography of Highland Beach Real Estate might lend to the perception that the name is misleading. Yet, Highland Beach is a cut above, no pun intended. In both luxury, and naturality, Highland Beach offers a unique selection of housing opportunities. Indeed, Highland Beach is an average of ...