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10 fast facts about Highland Beach

Here we go! Enjoy these 10 quick facts about Highland Beach. For those keeping score at home, that's one fact for every 430 Highland Beach residents. Enjoy this gorgeous strand of South Florida majesty, and learn why this little town is just a little different!

Highland Beach founding

Highland Beach Was Formed Over A Drinking Water Dispute

This beautiful strand of beachfront was officially incorporated in 1949 as part of a dispute over drinking water. The 21 votes cast to peacefully secede from the confines of Boca Raton were related to the intrusion of saltwater on a necessary supply, which neighboring towns refused to lend aid for. 

no traffic lights on Highland Beach

There Are No Traffic Lights On Highland Beach

It's true! The closest thing to a traffic light is a stop sign or a cyclist, who lines the expanded sidewalks and bike lanes of A1A.

top 3 places to retire in America

Named In The Top 3 Places To Retire In America

Niche.com, an authoritative website providing the latest in schools, housing, and community information for prospective residents. As part of their list of the best places to retire in America, they offer a superbly detailed article profiling the desirability of Highland Beach. For what it's worth, the top two locations were also located in South Florida.

highland beach 2 businesses

Highland Beach Has Only 2 Businesses

Aside from drinking water, Highland Beach was founded to ensure a safe harbor from the corporatization of suburban America, and over the years it has held firm as a sanctuary for private residents looking for just a little less noise around their South Florida home. The businesses are The Delray Sands Resort, and John P O'Grady Realty.

Highland Beach Austrians

Highland Beach has the 10th Highest Percentage of Austrians in The U.S.

We're not sure why, but at 4%, Highland Beach is tied with Mondovi Wisconsin for the 10th largest population per capita of Austrian-Americans.

Highland Beach elevation

Named For Its Elevation

This is a bit more obvious than others, but Highland Beach homes (mainly the mansions that line the beachside of A1A) have steep sloping driveways that aren't seen across much of Palm Beach County's waterfront homes. These driveways show the 20 to the 25-foot slope that in times of natural disasters, are a major benefit of owning a Highland Beach home.

highland beach square mileage

A Tiny Footprint 

Highland Beach is only 1.29 square miles. Over 58% of the incorporated space is water. 

highland beach value

Highland Beach is valued at $1.82 Billion

In 1966, Highland Beach had one full-time employee and a total valuation of approximately $10 million. In the time since the municipal staff has grown to 37, and the town value to over $1.82 billion. After 2021 we've experience in real estate, and we're sure this number should be updated! Condos such as Toscana, The Boca Highland Beach Club, and 3200 South Ocean certainly raise the value substantially!

highland beach median age

The Median age is 62

We're not surprised by this statistic, considering the Niche.com ranking, and the general age of the population. Highland Beach represents a similarly accessible, yet still exclusive locale. Without inland space, nearby schools, and cheaper housing, it's no wonder this gorgeous beachfront town plays privy to a... dated audience.

Highland Beach median income

The Median Household Income Is $94,662

Also not surprisingly, the median income of Highland Beach reflects the age and prestige of its residents. One drive from end to end will say it all without saying a word

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