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5 reasons to move to highland beach

Highland Beach is a magnificent gem among gems in one of the most desirable stretches of our eastern seaboard. One of the best-kept secrets of Palm Beach County, this tiny stretch of beachfront real estate is renowned for its waterfront mansions and high-rise luxury condos. Beyond the exquisite and exclusive housing opportunities, there are numerous reasons to choose life in Highland Beach. These 5 reasons to move to Highland Beach may not have anything to do with where you sleep and the home or condo you live in, but they are significant nonetheless. Learn why the tiny beach town of Highland Beach is a unique expression of South Florida real estate, wedged between two of South Florida's most iconic beachfront towns.

a natural protection against hurricanes

A Natural Bulwark Against Hurricanes

The relatively flat topography of Highland Beach Real Estate might lend to the perception that the name is misleading. Yet, Highland Beach is a cut above, no pun intended. In both luxury, and naturality, Highland Beach offers a unique selection of housing opportunities. Indeed, Highland Beach is an average of 15 to 20 feet above sea level,  with many of the largest homes featuring steeply sloped driveways. While waterfront property always comes with a significant added risk, Highland Beach provides a serious boost to your best prospects against a storm surge and floodwaters during severe weather events. 

no traffic lights in highland beach

No Traffic Lights!

Traffic lights may not seem like a nuisance, but the absence of traffic lights prevents the stagnation and continued presence of traffic. There are almost always at least a few cars spanning the 1.1 miles of A1A between Boca Raton and Delray Beach, but the flow is continuous due to the lack of stoplights. In addition, this ongoing movement prevents added aerial emissions from polluting the air, the persistent noise of numerous idling vehicles, and allows for easy entry and exit to those looking to simply pass through towards their destination.

no retail or restaurant traffic

No Retail Or Restaurant Traffic

This ties into the previous point, as the lack of business prevents unnecessary traffic, negates the necessity for large parking lots, and ensures that the only traffic that isn't visiting Highland Beach is simply passing through. While there will always be a measure of movement on the lone municipal thoroughfare of Highland Beach, there are a few reasons to stop. If not visiting the public beaches or a Highland Beach resident, the only reason to continue through Highland Beach is to reach a beachfront property nearby to the north or south. This ensures that any through-traffic keeps going, and that the Highland Beach space is purely residential.

green sea turtles

A Paradise For Wildlife

The lack of traffic, bright city lights, and bustling waterfront businesses provide wildlife with a perfect strand of beach to nest and thrive. Most notably, sea turtles have found Highland Beach to be the perfect space for their delicate gestational process, as indicated by the numerous cordoned-off areas with known sea turtle nests. With less tourism on the beaches than in nearby Boca Raton or Deerfield Beach, there is less pollution, less noise, and fewer feet padding over the sea oats - which are essential natural protections against erosion and storm surges.

rising properties

Consistent & Growing Property Value

South Florida has held firm even during some of the most significant economic crises of the current century. While the COVID-19 pandemic and crime surges in major cities elsewhere have led to a mass flight to Florida, this aberration in history is not the sole reason Floridian housing prices are high, stable, and primed for growth. Waterfront property in South Florida, despite significant events like the Surfside collapse and recent price reductions to account for inflation, is an undeniable value that will always build and remain desirable.

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