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5 reasons to move to Highland Beach

Highland Beach is its own sliver of subtropical magic, wedged between the elegant Boca Raton and the newly bustling, trendy Delray Beach. Learn from our Champagne & Parisi Realtor Team why Highland Beach is one of the most desirable communities to consider in the area. Here are 5 reasons we've heard from clients past & present about why to move to Highland Beach!

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Hang Your Hat On Highland Beach

Highland Beach, much like its neighbors Boca Raton to the south and Delray Beach to the north, is teeming with retirees. Niche.com rated Highland Beach in its top 3 best places to retire in America. Despite its reputation for housing an aged population, this isn't to detract from the majestic tropical vibrancy, beautiful foliage, and more than available white sand beaches to spend a moment or the rest of your life upon. 

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The Perfect Middle Ground

There are a few terrestrial plays-on-words we expect to employ when discussing this aptly titled 1.1-mile strand of beach. Much like our next reason, this one also considers its placement on the map. Boca Raton is elegance embodied - with some of the very best retail shopping, A+ schools, incredible restaurants and fine dining, and more. Delray to the north is younger, brimming with growth and vigor, with a youthful energy that is duly complemented by its interpretation of upscale flair. At just over a mile long with the little inland territory, entering and leaving Highland Beach can be done on foot in a few minutes - if you're Roger Bannister.

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Highland Beach... Literally

Highland Beach was incorporated in 1949 and is named for its unusual seat atop 20 to 25 feet of elevation. Building a home near the coastline of anywhere in Florida comes with a considerably escalated risk of hurricane damage, however, an elevation of nearly two stories is a substantial advantage. With our ability to adapt our homes with innovations like in-ground automatic propane generators and triple-layer impact windows, Highland Beach allows its residents both natural and manmade advantages against natural disasters.

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Art Thrives On Highland Beach

Highland Beach Real Estate is primarily known for its attraction to retirees, businesspeople, and financial professionals. However, despite a paltry population of under four-thousand, Highland Beach has a greater concentration of artists, designers, and media professionals than 90% of American communities. This ensures that no matter the affluence and glamor, Highland Beach will always have a bohemian, free-flowing atmosphere like the beaches it looms largely over.

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Stay Behind For Summer

Due to its concentration of retirees and the upper class, Highland Beach swells dramatically in population depending on the season. With its one-lane stretch along A1A governing most of its transit, and long driveways with steep drops hiding unwary commuters, staying behind or living full time in Highland Beach might be just what you didn't know you were missing. Highland Beach is by no means a ghost town during midsummer, and it's still flanked by Boca Raton and Delray Beach, but like its neighbors to the north and south, mirrors the seasonal migratory pattern of a large portion of its residents.

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