5 Subtle Ways You Can Reduce Pollution At Your Highland Beach Home

highland beach ways to reduce pollution

Living on the waterfront provides you with a special opportunity to rise and shine in the lap of luxury. However, with the luxuriousness of your Highland Beach home comes to a greater responsibility. Our oceans are our largest, most biodiverse, and most important ecosystems on the planet, and they are essential to the health of our environment. As a Highland Beach homeowner, you have one of the most untouched, private, and spectacular beaches in America at your feet, and thus a relationship with our oceans that is a remarkable privilege that must be taken seriously. The way you eat, clean, and life can have a significant impact (or lack thereof) on the wellness of our oceans. Read on through the Highland Beach blog to learn more about how to care for your Highland Beach home, and Highland Beach itself!

organic microfiber free textiles

Choose Textiles With No Synthetic Microfibers

Your choice of textiles is crucial to your contribution to, or not to pollution in our ocean. Microfibers are synthetic threads found in materials like rayon, spandex, and polyester that accumulate in the ocean, leeching chemicals onto plastics and toxifying our waters. Microfibers are frequently found in sea life, much of which is served as food, further depreciating the healthiness of seafood. Using natural materials like cotton, bamboo, and hemp keeps microfibers out of the ocean while providing all the comfort and durability you need to cover the bases from your pants to your patio furniture.

beach cleanup

Organize A Mini Beach Cleanup

As a Highland Beach resident, you are guaranteed to live on, or across from the Atlantic Ocean. Long walks on the beach might not be your favorite activity, but it's almost impossible to imagine living in a Highland Beach home without spending time on our magnificent white sand beaches. Knowing your distance to the ocean, how hard could it be to bring a small bag or bucket with you to clean up a few pieces of wayward trash during your next trip on the sand? Beyond yourself, get your friends and family involved, organize a little walk, and feel good about actively supporting the beauty and health of our oceans.

solar battery

Use Small Solar Chargers For Certain Devices

Have you seen these small, phone-sized solar batteries? While not as efficient as many forms of battery backup, having a small solar charger like this adds to the enjoyment you'll have on the beach without worrying about battery life. At home, keep one of these on the windowsill and take advantage of the opportunity to charge and recharge small devices like your phone, tablet, speaker, and even laptop depending on the potency and charge life of your solar battery. What's better than charging up with the sunrise?! It practically pays for itself.

gas leafblower

Avoid Gas Powered Lawn Equipment

Thanks largely to the limited lawn sizes and the natural durability of our tropical foliage, the need for heavy lawn care is reduced. However, if you're doing your lawn work, be sure to use electric lawn equipment. While not as powerful as gas-powered lawn equipment, the reduction in pollution and the simplicity of charging your equipment compared to purchasing gas should seal the deal for anyone looking to keep yard work simple and enjoy life without air (and noise) pollution.

natural scents and candles

Replace Artificial Scents, House Cleaners, and Chemicals

Start with all household cleansers, and polishes, and work your way to your topical solutions. Did you know the body wash you choose and the scented candles you enjoy could contribute to hormone imbalance in addition to atmospheric and aquatic pollution? With so many options and terrific products like organic soy wax candles to name one of many, it's easy to reduce the runoff pollution in your life and take better care of your skin, hair, nails, and even your mind!

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