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5 tasteful highland beach patio accessories

Highland Beach is an exclusively residential enclave seated on A1A directly between the cities of Delray Beach and Boca Raton. This high-income area is generally lined with contemporary beach clubs, condos, and some of the most impressive waterfront homes in Palm Beach County. Whether your backyard is a massive Intracoastal dockage and patio, or a small balcony at the edge of your beautiful Highland Beach condo, here are 5 tasteful patio accessories that fit any design scheme and any home!

chimenea on outdoor patio


You'll thank us for the few days of the year it gets cold here in Highland Beach. The chimenea is a vertically designed, relatively low-footprint heating and even cooking device. Chimeneas can be made from metal, clay, or cast iron and are one of the favorite gathering points for house guests and families on a cooler day.  

golden lab on hammock outside

Freestanding Hammock

Whether tied between two palms or on its own structure, a hammock is an absolute must for any Highland Beach resident looking to sway with the palms and surrender their stresses to the embrace of nature. There's something about the sea breeze from the center of a hammock that hits... differently. Cost ranges wildly from simple cloth implements to complete frame and structure builds. 

accent table

Accent Tables

Square, circle, whatever they may be, doesn't it feel like the best patios always have that tactfully placed table to rest your drink or Bluetooth speaker on? Accent tables tie your patio furniture set together in the same way a well-placed area rug ties the room together. They're the perfect little nightstand to complement your hammock, and an easy way to add further dynamism to your patio, even expanding how many partiers can enjoy it at once!

battery powered cooler

Battery Powered Cooler

Following the YETI brand's massive intrusion into the "glamping" and powered-party space, these battery-powered coolers make your patio a mobile battle station, with the effective, yet not always too affordable, powered coolers keeping drinks cold for hours on end. The LED display will illuminate the temperature and battery life, much like any powered device, and give you a clear picture on how you'll enjoy cold drinks under blaring heat all day long.

bowl chair

Outdoor Bowl Chair

This is a strong candidate to replace those deep Adirondack chairs that seemingly make everything impossible. Want to lean forward and talk to someone? Good luck with that lumbar region. Wishing to reach for your drink? That'll take some effort. We're done with the black hole of a chair that draws you in and is nearly impossible to escape. Hyperbole and exaggeration aside, these bowl chairs are often made of outdoor safe materials and provide all the cushion, comfort, and space you'd want without the unwieldy frame of the classic Adirondack. 

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