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5 reasons we love highland beach

Highland Beach Real Estate is among the rarest and most sought after in the country. After all, this tiny town of just under 4,000 and barely a mile across is a very different kind of "small town." Despite its size, population, and uniqueness, Highland Beach is still very much a vestige of the South Palm Beach feel. Situated between Delray Beach and Boca Raton, this is hardly a place with a "small town" vibe. Learn 5 reasons we love spending time in Highland Beach, and why you should never leave Highland Beach homes for sale off your search! 


1. Naturally Fortified

Highland Beach derives its name from its natural elevation. Sitting at over 20 ft. above sea level in most places, this topographical advantage should influence insurance rates and vastly improve the natural resistances of a beachfront home. While Hurricanes Andrew and Wilma were the most damaging to South Florida in prior years, and much of it was done by wind, the storm surge from later storms and the omnipotent threat of such is part of what makes insuring waterfront real estate so expensive. This natural elevation should not preclude you from taking the necessary steps to prepare for storms, but it's a heck of a start!

all party no business

2. All Party, No Business

Though we can't condone our entire community resembling Highland Beach, the fact that there are only two businesses in Highland Beach makes it almost purely residential. This dramatically reduces the potential for traffic and parking issues and allows for a small pocket of civilization to exist without the encroachment of work activity. Though this is indeed exclusionary, we're not upset that this small beachside town chose its occupants and where to draw the line.

at the center of it all

3. A Small Town At The Center Of It All

In our introduction, we mentioned that this "small town" is far from a small-town vibe. Despite the lack of businesses, the 1.1-mile stretch along A1A that is Highland Beach puts it directly between Boca Raton to the South and Delray Beach. A short jump to either Linton Rd. to the north or Palmetto Park Rd. to the south brings Highland Beach residents within minutes of I-95, while the vibrant Atlantic Avenue of Delray Beach and Mizner Park of Boca Raton is less than 10 minutes in either direction. 

self determinism

4. Rugged Self-Determinism

Highland Beach was founded through a velveteen divorce with Boca Raton in 1946 following a dispute over drinking water services. If you've ever wondered why half of the city hall is a water treatment plant, there is your answer. The people of Highland Beach have always gone their way, as recently evidenced by the city's decision to create its fire department. Though the city is still adjoined to its neighbors, the city's leadership is constantly looking for innovative ways to save tax dollars and improve the quality of life for its residents, something rarely found in politics, to say the least. 

sunset and sunrise views from highland beach

5. The Views!

Remember that extra height we mentioned? The sunrise over the Atlantic is picturesque from any viewpoint on the east coast of Florida. From Miami to Jupiter, to Neptune Beach, there isn't a bad place to soak up a beautiful Florida sunrise. However, many point to Naples or Sarasota among others as the place to be when viewing the gorgeous swirls of purples, oranges, reds, and blues. The fact that Highland Beach is built upon this natural support, and so many residences are high-rise condominiums makes Highland Beach one of the best places in Southeast Florida to enjoy the sunrise and sunset that so often eludes our plane of vision from the ground.

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