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build your perfect highland beach kitchen

Every Highland Beach Home and Condo is a waterfront property. Regardless of where your home rests, the inevitability of wear & tear is omnipresent due to the consistent heat, humidity, and salt spray in the air. Highland Beach waterfront real estate is among the most sought-after in America, and for good reason! Beach parties and patio soirees are all the rage for the many upper-class residents who call Highland Beach home, and for those who can afford them, outdoor kitchens punctuate the emphasis on melding luxury with our naturally majestic Atlantic oceanfront. While we don't claim to be interior (or exterior) designers, we have seen quite a few spectacular outdoor kitchens in Highland Beach homes. From our experience and with the help of a few experts, we learned some of the most important things to ponder when building your perfect Highland Beach outdoor kitchen!

waterproof your patio seating

Weatherproof Your Decking and Furniture

It should come across as fairly obvious that your outdoor appliances require stainless steel and adequate cover. Thankfully, many Highland Beach homes include an area for outdoor grilling and dining under shaded coverage. However, when selecting outdoor, open-air furniture, many Highland Beach homeowners neglect some of the most important details - such as the materials you choose and the protection you provide. If any wood, metal, or textiles are incorporated on your patio - whether as flooring, furniture, or something else - the first step is to properly waterproof everything. If you're not sure, hire a professional. This crucial first step will ensure the beauty and longevity of your outdoor kitchen remains for years to come.

upgrade patio seating

Upgrade Your Seating 

After choosing your cooking surface and designing your layout, the next most important thing has to be where the guests will sit! After all, on a hot day, nothing will send your friends and family scurrying inside than uncomfortable, hot, and otherwise dreadful furniture. Many outdoor couches and seats are less-than-comfortable thanks to their design in part accounting for the ravages of nature - but this doesn't mean your guests need to sit on red hot wrought iron to eat outside. Take a few minutes to research what types of materials and builds are offered as part of today's patio furniture. You'd be surprised at how much has been innovated in recent years!

choose your patio accents

Choose Your Extras

"Extras" can mean anything from bolster pillows to accent tables, candle sconces, and beyond. The color, design, and even the material itself can determine the overall look of your Highland Beach outdoor kitchen. Beyond beautifying your space, it's important to realize just how absurdly expensive some of these small items can be. You may spend $1000 on a terrific outdoor couch, and $200 on a single clay sculpture to hang from the wall. The cost:benefit ratio of patio accents is the bread and butter of the industry, as many manufacturers will make their margins on smaller items that require less assembly, labor, and material costs. Lastly, remember that not every small accent will be sold as weatherproof. Choose your extras wisely from every angle, and watch these selections illuminate your outdoor kitchen!

make it your style

Make It Your Style

Playing off the previous point, this is your slice of beauteous Highland Beach Real Estate. You don't need to follow the ever-popular Mediterranean Revivalist theme, nor the ivory and cerulean that marks the modern South Florida waterfront home, but you should follow your heart and choose furniture, color, and textures that match your tastes. Let your style sing and choose the things that make you happy! Just don't forget to waterproof them.

be smart with propane

Be Smart With Gas And Propane

Lastly, but most importantly, is to be smart with gas and propane. This plays off the first point, to ensure anything powered, water-sensitive, or flammable be kept well beyond the edge of the outdoors. Whether that be under an overhang, in a special container, or elsewhere altogether, you don't stand to gain anything by being neglectful with the most dangerous yet necessary component of your Highland Beach outdoor kitchen. For affluent homeowners, a direct line can be run from the home to the outdoor kitchen, erasing any concerns related to the storage and deployment of propane canisters. For everyone else, proper safety and storage is the first fundamental to a successful cookout. Ensure your cooking space is uninterrupted and kept safe from potentially inebriated partygoers, pets, improperly kept sharp objects, and anything else that should be kept away from fire and food.

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