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Highland Beach Real Estate Market Report (Summer 2023)

highland beach summer market report

Highland Beach has seen exploding home prices in recent years. Stemming primarily from the COVID pandemic and subsequent urban crime wave across several cities normally associated with relocations to Florida, these effects were only exacerbated following these events. With very few single-family housing, townhomes, and undeveloped land, the Highland Beach Real Estate market is built much more on the value of its existing assets than its potential to develop further. Read on and learn much more about the state of the market in Highland Beach and how this unique community has been impacted by the winds of change.

All data is sourced from FlexMLS and compares the current 6-month period with the previous year.

construction workers putting together upright beams

New Construction Condos in Highland Beach

Highland Beach is just 1.1 miles of waterfront real estate along the Atlantic Ocean. Save for a new construction mansion in Bel Lido Isle currently listed at $12,500,000, there are no new significant projects underway in the limited space Highland Beach provides....

5 Reasons To Move To Highland Beach | Highland Beach Condos For Sale

5 reasons to move to highland beach

Highland Beach is a magnificent gem among gems in one of the most desirable stretches of our eastern seaboard. One of the best-kept secrets of Palm Beach County, this tiny stretch of beachfront real estate is renowned for its waterfront mansions and high-rise luxury condos. Beyond the exquisite and exclusive housing opportunities, there are numerous reasons to choose life in Highland Beach. These 5 reasons to move to Highland Beach may not have anything to do with where you sleep and the home or condo you live in, but they are significant nonetheless. Learn why the tiny beach town of Highland Beach is a unique expression of South Florida real estate, wedged between two of South Florida's most iconic beachfront towns.

a natural protection against hurricanes

A Natural Bulwark Against Hurricanes

The relatively flat topography of Highland Beach Real Estate might lend to the perception that the name is misleading. Yet, Highland Beach is a cut above, no pun intended. In both luxury, and naturality, Highland Beach offers a unique selection of housing opportunities. Indeed, Highland Beach is an average of ...

State Committee Orders Fire Dept. Audit On Behalf Of Highland Beach

highland delray fire department dispute

Highland Beach, the tiny, doggedly self-determined beachfront town between Boca Raton and Delray Beach is now inquiring into potential malfeasance regarding its fire department payments. Since 1994, Highland Beach has "rented" fire rescue and EMS services from its northerly neighbor, Delray Beach. This is in part due to the small nature of the city, and A1A serving as its one central public road. The feasibility of the fire and EMS services has never been called into question, as Delray emergency services have never had difficulty reaching their calls.

In spring 2021, Highland Beach commissioners voted to create their own fire and EMS departments, citing high costs as the impetus for this investment. Highland Beach has claimed the increase in personnel and the added expenses were not agreed upon in the mutual contract. At the center of the dispute, lies one of the most egregious claims: that the city of Delray Beach failed to provide financial records supporting their expectations. 

fire and ice

An Icy Showdown With Fire In Focus


Highland Beach Fire Rescue | Highland Beach Establishing Independent EMS & Fire Rescue

Highland Beach Fire Department

The City of Highland Beach began with a benign, yet impactful dispute related to water treatment. Recognizing their own need for internalized water treatment services and Boca Raton's then unwillingness to provide the aid needed, Highland Beach incorporated in 1949. In the years that followed, Highland Beach remained a pseudo-independent township, acting on its own accord while relying on the municipal services of its neighboring towns.


While water treatment, city administration, and the police department have remained staples of Highland Beach's city services, the Fire Department and Emergency Medical teams that dispatch to Highland Beach are sourced from Delray Beach to the north. In spring 2021, the City of Delray Beach refused to renegotiate the terms of the service contract. In conjunction with key findings from third party feasibility analysis, the City of Highland Beach chose to act.


Much like its 1949 incorporation, Highland Beach once again was compelled to take matters into its own hands. Highland Beach approached the table to work through their differences with the Delray Beach Fire Department. Despite good faith efforts, the writing was on the wall. Highland Beach is one of the wealthiest per-capita cities in the United States, with an average age of nearly 68. The city has the financial health, and aged citizenry that puts it squarely in position for a new Fire Department and...

Cam D. Milani Park Postponed 'Til 2025 | Highland Beach Real Estate

the future site of cam d. milani park

For those who have passed through the short mile-long strip that is Highland Beach, a wide parcel of land (wide by Highland Beach standards) on the west side of A1A is likely to stand out to viewers. For a town exclusively on A1A and entirely comprised of condos, with a single business to boast, a public park is a noticeable addition to the Highland Beach real estate market. As we dug into this noticeably empty parcel, we learned there's a whole lot more to the past, present, and future of the proposed Cam D. Milani Park than meets the eye. 

who was cam d milani

Cam D. Milani was a prominent area developer for years. Currently succeeded by his wife Lucia and his son, also named Cam, they are at the fulcrum of what has been a three-decade legal battle happening right under our noses. In 1987, Lucia Milani sold the parcel of land designated for Cam D. Milani Park for $3.9 million with the caveat that the land be used as a park and named in the senior Milani's honor. The 5.6-acre land has a portion on the inland and beachside of A1A, with space for 120 cars to park. Over 30 years later, the Milani family remains...

10 Fast Facts About Highland Beach | Highland Beach Real Estate

10 fast facts about Highland Beach

Here we go! Enjoy these 10 quick facts about Highland Beach. For those keeping score at home, that's one fact for every 430 Highland Beach residents. Enjoy this gorgeous strand of South Florida majesty, and learn why this little town is just a little different!

Highland Beach founding

Highland Beach Was Formed Over A Drinking Water Dispute

This beautiful strand of beachfront was officially incorporated in 1949 as part of a dispute over drinking water. The 21 votes cast to peacefully secede from the confines of Boca Raton were related to the intrusion of saltwater on a necessary supply, which neighboring towns refused to lend aid for. 

no traffic lights on Highland Beach

There Are No Traffic Lights On Highland Beach

It's true! The closest thing to a traffic light is a stop sign or a cyclist, who lines the expanded sidewalks and bike lanes of A1A.


5 Reasons To Move To Highland Beach | Highland Beach Real Estate

5 reasons to move to Highland Beach

Highland Beach is its own sliver of subtropical magic, wedged between the elegant Boca Raton and the newly bustling, trendy Delray Beach. Learn from our Champagne & Parisi Realtor Team why Highland Beach is one of the most desirable communities to consider in the area. Here are 5 reasons we've heard from clients past & present about why to move to Highland Beach!

close up of feet in beach hammock

Hang Your Hat On Highland Beach

Highland Beach, much like its neighbors Boca Raton to the south and Delray Beach to the north, is teeming with retirees. Niche.com rated Highland Beach in its top 3 best places to retire in America. Despite its reputation for housing an aged population, this isn't to detract from the majestic tropical vibrancy, beautiful foliage, and more than available white sand beaches to spend a moment or the rest of your life upon. 

woman on pier overlooking Highalnd Beach

The Perfect Middle Ground

There are a few terrestrial plays-on-words we expect to employ when discussing this aptly titled...