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Highland Beach Hurricane Preparedness | 5 Tips To Prepare Your Highland Beach Home For Hurricane Season

prepare your highland beach home for hurricanes

Highland Beach is renowned for its natural bulwark against hurricanes. With a slight uptick in elevation and robust beachfront plant life, Highland Beach is one of the best waterfront communities to protect against storms by nature. Yet, even a fortified palace seated upon a sandy loft is no match for mother nature if preparations are not made. This isn't to scare you or to deter you from seeking beautiful waterfront condos like The Wiltshire House or Trafalgar, but it is meant to heighten your vigilance and provide some tips you may not have learned from conventional wisdom and most commonly available information. Learn the basics and check in with the Highland Beach Real Estate blog to learn more about hurricane preparedness for Highland Beach residents.

partially drain pool

If You Own A Pool, Partially Drain It

Some of these tips may be irrelevant if you're the fortunate resident of one of the many...

5 Ways Highland Beach Residents Can Help Prevent Red Tides

5 ways you can prevent red tides

Red Tides, an informalized name for Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) occur when algae, a plant-like underwater organism grows out of control. Though not all algal blooms are harmful, when a red tide occurs, it endangers the entire ecosystem. A dinoflagellate organism, known scientifically as Karenia brevis, is the culprit behind many of the harmful algal blooms that plague the coasts of Florida. The Gulf Coast, namely the Naples, Ft. Myers, and Tampa Bay areas are especially prone due to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico meeting the tributary of the Mississippi River and serving as an outlet for Lake Okeechobee. Though not all causes are man-made, it's clear that this combination of high-density human industrial activity and the fertile warm waters of the Floridian coasts provide the perfect space for red tides to bloom. Though not even the largest mansion on Highland Beach can offset the damage our sugar and hospitality industries are responsible for, as individuals it's our responsibility to be better and do better. These 5 tips to help prevent red tides are easy, low, and sometimes no effort to take. If we as Highland Beach Real Estate owners work together and pursue a better tomorrow for the very oceans that brought us here, the impact will likely ripple throughout our communities.

only plant local...

Sea Turtle Nesting Season On Highland Beach | Highland Beach Real Estate

the dos and dont's of sea turtle season in highland beach

Highland Beach is a mere sliver of waterfront real estate nestled between Boca Raton and Delray Beach. Thanks to the unorthodox founding of this tiny waterfront town with less than 5,000 annual residents, the city has become a uniquely suitable nesting site for sea turtles. These spectacular, oft-endangered creatures are some of the most majestic fauna that graces our regional waters. As those fortunate enough to enjoy living on Highland Beach, it's our job to be stewards of our own backyard, and consider the needs of the land and nature that has been here long before we arrived. For newcomers, the nuances of sea turtle nesting season can be confusing, or unknown. As your Highland Beach Realtors, we may not be ecologists, but we know the best and worst practices while being mindful of sea turtles on Highland Beach. Here are some do's and dont's to be aware of as sea turtle nesting season on Highland Beach quickly approaches.

dim outdoor lighting

Remove Or Dim Outdoor Lighting


Highland Beach Home Maintenance | A Quick Guide To Keeping Your Home Clean

highland beach home maintenance guide

Living in a beautiful Highland Beach home is a slice of paradise that is the envy of the world. However, with all oceanfront real estate, there are nuances that are specific to caring for your home. With a lifetime under the beaming Florida sun, surrounded by salt spray and high humidity, there are many ways that a Highland Beach home can and will deteriorate without the proper care. Inland homes face similar challenges, but with the proximity to the waterfront comes a need to focus on issues that are amplified due to the oceanfrontage. Learn more about ways to keep your Highland Beach home safe, clean, and valuable! 

rusty screw in metal surface

Check Metal Fixtures For Rust

Highland Beach truly puts the "beach" in its name. With no residency more than a few feet away from a large saltwater body (our Intracoastal or Atlantic Ocean) its key to keep an eye on your metal fixtures, especially screws, nails, and other fasteners that keep things in place. There are a number of ways to prevent and protect against the wear and tear of salt spray, but being aware and vigilant of your needs in the first place is the best way to be as a Highland...

5 Subtle Ways You Can Reduce Pollution At Your Highland Beach Home

highland beach ways to reduce pollution

Living on the waterfront provides you with a special opportunity to rise and shine in the lap of luxury. However, with the luxuriousness of your Highland Beach home comes to a greater responsibility. Our oceans are our largest, most biodiverse, and most important ecosystems on the planet, and they are essential to the health of our environment. As a Highland Beach homeowner, you have one of the most untouched, private, and spectacular beaches in America at your feet, and thus a relationship with our oceans that is a remarkable privilege that must be taken seriously. The way you eat, clean, and life can have a significant impact (or lack thereof) on the wellness of our oceans. Read on through the Highland Beach blog to learn more about how to care for your Highland Beach home, and Highland Beach itself!

organic microfiber free textiles

Choose Textiles With No Synthetic Microfibers

Your choice of textiles is crucial to your contribution to, or not to pollution in our ocean. Microfibers are synthetic threads found in materials like rayon, spandex, and polyester that accumulate in the ocean, leeching chemicals onto plastics and...

5 Ways To Love Highland Beach | Keep Highland Beach Clean!

5 ways to keep highland beach clean

Highland Beach is a waterfront community of homes, condos, townhomes, and villas that resides exclusively on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean between Boca Raton and Delray Beach. The determined, affluent community is an ecological blessing, however unintentional, in large part due to the city's existence itself. With no traffic lights, minimal night activity and private, low-trafficked beaches, the town has become a haven for sea turtles, oceanic birds, fish, crustaceans, and more. For your part, acknowledge the privilege that comes with living on this immaculate strip of land and its neighboring waters, and learn how you can keep Highland Beach clean!

beach trash container

Bring A Trash Container To The Beach

We love the motto "five pieces a day." This philosophy governs our belief when it comes to everyday life, not just on the beach. Bring a bag, small container, or another receptacle for trash will not only give you a convenient way to dispose of any of your own trash, but encourage the occasional pickup of wayward beach garbage. The beach is the first line of civilization where all citizens reside behind, therefore protecting Highland Beach from litter is to defend the frontlines of our living space. Having a...

Highland Beach Home Water Quality | 6 Steps You Can Take To Protect Our Water Supply

6 ways to preserve clean drinking water


Highland Beach was incorporated in 1949 as a result of an impasse related to drinking water. While the divorce from Boca Raton proper was velveteen, the unwillingness of neighboring municipalities to support the improvement of Highland Beach's water supply is why this tiny seaside town has its own name in the first place. In fact, Highland Beach City Hall is home to the town's own water treatment plant. Highland Beach's identity is inexotricable from water - both saline and potable. There is much we can do as individual citizens to protect the quality of our water supply. With that in mind, read on for these 6 helpful steps to keep our drinking water safe!

pet cleanup

Clean Up After Your Pets

One thing you'll notice as you read through our six tips is that some overlap with common sense, or in this case, reasonable human decency. Without getting too deep in the details, a failure to clean up dog droppings or other animal waste leads to remaining nutrients and chemicals to drain into our water supply and put a greater strain on our water purification systems.

phosphorus fertilizer...