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Highland Beach Home Water Quality | 6 Steps You Can Take To Protect Our Water Supply

6 ways to preserve clean drinking water


Highland Beach was incorporated in 1949 as a result of an impasse related to drinking water. While the divorce from Boca Raton proper was velveteen, the unwillingness of neighboring municipalities to support the improvement of Highland Beach's water supply is why this tiny seaside town has its own name in the first place. In fact, Highland Beach City Hall is home to the town's own water treatment plant. Highland Beach's identity is inexotricable from water - both saline and potable. There is much we can do as individual citizens to protect the quality of our water supply. With that in mind, read on for these 6 helpful steps to keep our drinking water safe!

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Clean Up After Your Pets

One thing you'll notice as you read through our six tips is that some overlap with common sense, or in this case, reasonable human decency. Without getting too deep in the details, a failure to clean up dog droppings or other animal waste leads to remaining nutrients and chemicals to drain into our water supply and put a greater strain on our water purification systems.

phosphorus fertilizer...

Sea Turtle Season : Highland Beach Real Estate


It is that time of year. March 1 to October 31 Highland Beach has an ordinance requiring lights off along South Ocean Blvd, from dusk to dawn.

Sea turtle hatchlings use light to find their way to the water. No flashlights or flash photography is allowed on the beach.

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Do not disturb the nest, keep beaches litter free from fishing lines, balloons, plastic bags. Sea turtles confuse these with food. For example a plastic bag may be mistaken for a " jelly fish " a major part of a sea turtles diet.

Be sure to stack beach furniture 10 to 15 feet apart , so the sea turtle has room to turn around, they can not go in reverse.

We can expect to see... Loggerhead Turtles that weigh up to 350  pounds, Green Turtles that can weigh up to 400 pounds, Leatherback Turtles that weigh 1, 545 pounds.


Depending on the temperature... warmer temperatures produce females and cooler temperatures produce males. Nesting Sea Turtles return to lay their eggs in the same region where they hatched. Watch for the orange "flags" on the beach. The turtles will start arriving shortly.

I know Highland Beach... I live here! Highland Beach...where summer never ends.

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