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6 Feng Shui Tips For Your Highland Beach Condo

6 feng shui tips

"Feng Shui" is defined by Oxford as A Chinese Thought System of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy, and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when designing buildings. It may sound esoteric to the Western ear, but it's a part of everything we do when scheming and designing our homes. When it comes to our Highland Beach condos, there is so much more than just space to contend with. When gazing at the vastness of the azure Atlantic from your Sabal Point balcony, suddenly the foreign concept of energy flow becomes a much more scientific concept. The way things are spaced, sized, and positioned not only makes for a more efficient use of space, but a more balanced light and airflow leading to a generally better feeling altogether. These tips will help you as you quest to make the most out of every corner, window, and open space in your Highland Beach condominium.

avoid placing large furniture close to doorways

Avoid Placing Large Furniture Too Close to Doorways...

5 Things To Consider When Buying A Second Home

5 things to consider when buying a second home

Highland Beach is a quiet beachfront town renowned for its concentrated wealth and numerous part-time residents. Some Highland Beach residents come from afar,  even buying second homes in the tens of millions. For others of more modest yet still resplendent means, buying a second home is an opportunity not without its challenges. The last thing anyone would want is for their vacation home to become their biggest liability. Without sound investment plans and a keen understanding of your cash flow situation, buying a second home in Highland Beach could become an anchor when it should be your playground. Here are 5 important things to consider before buying a second home in South Florida, especially Highland Beach!

plans for the home

Your Plans For The Home

Before buying a home, let alone a second home, you should know what your primary purpose for the space will be. If you're looking for a watersports hub to enjoy the sun and blue skies during the hottest days of Summer, you may be a little disappointed buying too far from the nearest boat launch and maintenance depot. However, if you're seeking the finest amenities and have little regard for your Highland Beach condo in relation to the positioning of...

5 Ultra-Luxe Highland Beach Condos | The Most Upscale Highland Beach Condos

5 ultraluxe highland beach condos

Highland Beach condos are known for their immediate beach access and refined luxury amenities. These lovely condos outfit a stretch of barely more than a mile, giving the small but fortunate year-round population of Highland Beach a beautiful platform to live their best lives. In truth, every Highland Beach condo for sale is a spectacular expression of the best of the South Florida lifestyle. Yet, some stand above all, whether in size, scale, or luxury appointments. These five might not be your top five, but among several selections, these 5 ultraluxe Highland Beach condos represent the very best in Highland Beach Real Estate. Read on to learn more about each!

villa magna front entry

Villa Magna

Villa Magna includes 89 luxurious condos directly on the waterfront. Featuring breathtaking views, these condos are amongst the most valued and in-demand in the Highland Beach Real Estate market. Beyond the magnificent lobby with a 24/7 doorman and security, features include oversized gourmet kitchens, crown molding, marble floors, and a paradisal view of both the ocean and Intracoastal. Additionally, Villa Magna condos sit on the northern edge of Highland Beach, ensuring near-instant access to Delray...

5 Affordable Highland Beach, FL Condos | Affordable Luxury Real Estate

affordable highland beach luxury

Highland Beach, FL certainly could be seen by some as a "millionaire mile." After all, the tiny beachfront town of just a few thousand is laden with luxury waterfront condos, beachfront and Intracoastal mansions, and high-end townhomes. Yet, despite all the glamor and exclusivity of this spectacular community nestled between Boca and Delray, there still remain options for those with discerning taste who aren't looking to pay exorbitant prices for unneeded amenities. For those of you searching for the good life at a great price tag, here are five delightfully affordable Highland Beach condo communities.

seagate of highland beach

Seagate of Highland

Seagate of Highland is the first on our list, with a distinct ivory and gold sign denoting the entryway to this lovely Highland Beach condo. This 55+ condo community sits on a 12-acre property with 316 premium residences. Outside its immediate proximity to...

Highland Beach Pet Friendly Condos | Highland Beach Condos For Sale

pet friendly highland beach condos

Below, we list all pet-friendly condos along the shimmering 1.1-mile strand known as Highland Beach, Florida. This masterful blend of natural perfection and human ingenuity has yielded one of the greatest luxury communities in South Florida. When reading this list and inquiring about these fabulous Highland Beach condos, be sure to communicate with your Realtor and condo association to ensure you are up to date and compliant with any requirements and restrictions before moving forward with your pets. 

3200 south ocean front entry

3200 South Ocean

3200 South Ocean is one of the newest luxury waterfront condominium buildings in Highland Beach, FL. 3200 South Ocean comprises 20 pet-friendly condos with options for two to three-bedroom floor plans. Condos for sale in 3200 South Ocean range in size from 2,215 to 8,038 square feet. This ultra-prime location sits on the Intracoastal side of A1A, featuring designer baths, custom kitchens, 10-foot ceilings, and expansive private balcony with stunning views.


Build Your Perfect Highland Beach Outdoor Kitchen | Highland Beach Homeowner Advice

build your perfect highland beach kitchen

Every Highland Beach Home and Condo is a waterfront property. Regardless of where your home rests, the inevitability of wear & tear is omnipresent due to the consistent heat, humidity, and salt spray in the air. Highland Beach waterfront real estate is among the most sought-after in America, and for good reason! Beach parties and patio soirees are all the rage for the many upper-class residents who call Highland Beach home, and for those who can afford them, outdoor kitchens punctuate the emphasis on melding luxury with our naturally majestic Atlantic oceanfront. While we don't claim to be interior (or exterior) designers, we have seen quite a few spectacular outdoor kitchens in Highland Beach homes. From our experience and with the help of a few experts, we learned some of the most important things to ponder when building your perfect Highland Beach outdoor kitchen!

waterproof your patio seating

Weatherproof Your Decking and Furniture

It should come across as fairly obvious that your outdoor appliances require stainless steel and adequate cover. Thankfully, many Highland Beach homes include an area for outdoor grilling and dining under shaded coverage....

5 Tasteful Highland Beach Waterfront Patio Accessories | Beach House Decor

5 tasteful highland beach patio accessories

Highland Beach is an exclusively residential enclave seated on A1A directly between the cities of Delray Beach and Boca Raton. This high-income area is generally lined with contemporary beach clubs, condos, and some of the most impressive waterfront homes in Palm Beach County. Whether your backyard is a massive Intracoastal dockage and patio, or a small balcony at the edge of your beautiful Highland Beach condo, here are 5 tasteful patio accessories that fit any design scheme and any home!

chimenea on outdoor patio


You'll thank us for the few days of the year it gets cold here in Highland Beach. The chimenea is a vertically designed, relatively low-footprint heating and even cooking device. Chimeneas can be made from metal, clay, or cast iron and are one of the favorite gathering points for house guests and families on a cooler day.  

golden lab on hammock outside

Freestanding Hammock

Whether tied between two...

Highland Beach Boating Safety | 5 Tips To Stay Safe On The Water

5 highland beach boating safety tips

This blog could and should be written for all of our respective Champagne & Parisi Real Estate websites. After all, as the preeminent waterfront and luxury Real Estate firm in the Boca Raton area, we work with lots of boaters and beach club enthusiasts. Many of our Realtors are enthusiastic boaters themselves, and thus like all of our community, benefit directly from the safe practices of responsible boaters. These 5 boating safety tips are mostly obvious, but sadly often ignored. Read on before starting your engines, and be sure to take these 5 safety tips into account, so your day on the shimmering blue waters of our coastline is all fun and no trouble.

kill switch

Utilize a Kill Switch

A "kill switch" device is worn around the wrist of the helmsman aboard your boat, and is now required by federal law. Unlike most automobiles, it's much easier to lose control of your boat, and possibly your boat itself. The "kill switch" is now federal law, and is a wise precaution to take in all boating circumstances. On solid ground, our roads are only affected by what may befall them. The topography never truly changes, unlike the way that the slightest chop could impact the stability of your grip on the helm....

5 Things We Love About Highland Beach | Highland Beach Real Estate

5 reasons we love highland beach

Highland Beach Real Estate is among the rarest and most sought after in the country. After all, this tiny town of just under 4,000 and barely a mile across is a very different kind of "small town." Despite its size, population, and uniqueness, Highland Beach is still very much a vestige of the South Palm Beach feel. Situated between Delray Beach and Boca Raton, this is hardly a place with a "small town" vibe. Learn 5 reasons we love spending time in Highland Beach, and why you should never leave Highland Beach homes for sale off your search! 


1. Naturally Fortified

Highland Beach derives its name from its natural elevation. Sitting at over 20 ft. above sea level in most places, this topographical advantage should influence insurance rates and vastly improve the natural resistances of a beachfront home. While Hurricanes Andrew and Wilma were the most damaging to South Florida in prior years, and much of it was done by wind, the storm surge from later storms and the omnipotent threat of such is part of what makes insuring waterfront real estate so expensive. This natural elevation should not preclude...

Highland Beach Condo Amenities | 5 Of The Best High Rises On Highland Beach

Highland Beach condos

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what may be a paradise for some could be a hellscape for others. Living standards are subjective past a certain threshold, but what we look for in a Highland Beach Condo is unique to everyone. For our part, we've reached out to our team and learned where some of the finest condos in Highland Beach could be found. These 5 Highland Beach condos offer some of the best resort-style amenities and luxuries galore. 

toscana amenities


Towering, talismanic, luxuriant. The Toscana Condos are first on our list for a reason. Though not in order by level of luxury, it didn't feel right to not put Toscana at the apex of our blog. Toscana is an enormous multi-building Highland Beach condominium with a wide driveway through to security. Thanks to its overall presence, from the pavers it's built on to the visibility from the A1A, Toscana is a beautiful place to choose for your new Highland Beach home. One visit to their amenities and services page. Perhaps most significant is the private beach club across the street - where the saltwater breeze and beautiful sunshine are a few steps from your front door. 

Coronado Highland Amenities


Another of 3 with a private beach club, Coronado is a bit more...