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How To Politely Separate From Difficult Clients | Highland Beach Real Estate

how to politely separate from difficult clients

Not everyone brings their best to every professional engagement. Sometimes, there's no better excuse than "the vibes are off!" it sounds new-age indeed, but have you ever been on a date where there was nothing wrong with the person, or you, but you realized two decent people didn't mesh well? You may then understand how it feels to try and communicate with a client who, may not be an acerbic personality, but is like the water to your oil. Most of the time, you can trudge through the slog of a transaction like this and get the job done, but what about clients who are particularly challenging, unreasonable, and downright rude? Sometimes, as a Realtor, you have to separate from a client. To avoid a calamitous fallout and any future indiscretions, today's Highland Beach blog will serve to help you recognize a red flag and if necessary, separate as amicably as possible from your professional relationship.

difficult clients arguing with agent at their desk

What Type of Clients Do We "Break Up" From?

The following are solid examples of all too common archetypes of difficult clients. Though these behaviors are something our agents have encountered and are trained to handle aptly, this is by no means the expectation when dealing with Highland Beach Real Estate clients,...

5 Mistakes First Time Agents Make When Beginning Their Careers | Highland Beach Real Estate

5 major mistakes new realtors make

The cautionary tales we've observed from young and sometimes erstwhile agents are unfortunate, but should never be an impetus to leave the profession. Rather, like the mistakes of any forebears in any pursuit, the onus is on us to learn from them and work to smoothen these potential pitfalls in the future of our practice, no matter how likely or inevitable they are. Today's Highland Beach Real Estate blog will cover some of these stories, and show what went wrong, and how to work around these potential errors that could shake up the early trajectory of your career.

cup of coffee with "backup plan" written on a post it

Rushing In Without A Backup Plan

As much as we advocate for young professionals to make bold decisions grounded in self-confidence, many factors impact the bottom line of a Realtor's body of work that may not be within the agent's influence. As with any major transition, be it a long-distance move, educational pursuit, or career transition, it's always best to have a backup plan to supplement your income if your real estate career needs more time to nurture and grow. This is almost always the case with young Realtors starting,...

5 Time-Tested Ways Realtors Can Market Themselves Locally | Highland Beach Real Estate

5 time tested local marketing strategies

Despite the world shifting further and further into the digital realm, Real Estate will still and always will remain a reputation, a people-forward business. The "product" in this case, is the property showcased by the listing agent and prospected by the buyer, but is not a binary transaction that takes place in a checkout line or online order. Though a Realtor without a prominent digital presence is a slowly dying breed, many ways to market yourself locally are as sensible in our industry as any. For today's Highland Beach Real Estate blog, we showcase 5 time-tested local marketing tactics that have endured the digital shift and will remain part of a savvy agent's complete marketing plan.

hands on volunteering

Hands-On Volunteering

Certainly not the easiest, or lowest effort way to network and put yourself out there, volunteering in your community may be one of the most potent. Oftentimes, the best relationships are built organically, with the knowledge of your real estate practice trickling in over time, rather than being boldly proclaimed....

7 Inspiring Quotes For Young, Aspiring Highland Beach Realtors

7 inspiring quotes for young realtors

It's tough out here! Especially in a market full of legacy Realtors with ironclad relationships and decades of experience, it's not easy to get your feet wet as a new Realtor. These 7 quotes might not be the practical solution to your early-stage woes, but they are wellsprings of encouragement that we should all hold dear when the going gets tough. Keep these in mind when you're questioning yourself, your future, and are in need of a shot of wisdom to keep your chin up and head held high!

lao tzu quote - the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

"The Journey of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step": - Lao Tzu

Ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu is best known for his numerous quotes in Sun Tzu's The Art of War and for writing the Tao Te Ching, the foundational texts of Taoism. This quote is quite simple and reminds of the iconic depictions of ancient Eastern temples at the apex of a seemingly unending staircase into the misty heights of the Tibetan and Himalayan regions. Perhaps these temples were secluded and elevated for such a purpose - to show their adherents that wisdom and virtue are not always easy to attain. This quote is key when you feel your workload and expectations...

Key Tips For Buying Out Of State Homes

tips for buying out of state homes

For Highland Beach homeowners, it's likely that they may be occupying a second home. Despite the city being in close proximity to both Delray Beach and Boca Raton, the lack of schools, grocery stores, and local businesses within the city's vicinity makes it a less-than-popular locale for young families and budget renters. When looking at the city's demographic data, housing inventory, and average income, it becomes more apparent that this tiny town is more of a beachfront retreat than a place to sit down and set up shop. With a median income well over six figures and a median age of just a few months under 70, it's clear that Highland Beach caters to the "second home" demographic. Though Florida has long been a place where northerners and successful foreigners choose to invest in real estate, this effect is magnified in a place like Highland Beach. For anyone looking to invest in a beautiful Highland Beach waterfront property, here are a few tips for concerned out-of-state home buyers!

pre approved paperwork

Have All Preapproval Paperwork In Order

When looking to buy an out-of-state...

What Are Common Types Of Rental Agreements?

what are common types of rental agreements

Highland Beach, though one of the smallest towns served by Champagne & Parisi Agents, is one of the most lucrative markets in the state. Thanks to its single main road spanned by both our Atlantic beachfront and the Intracoastal waterway, every day is beach day as a Highland Beach homeowner. Highland Beach also experiences one of the most significant expansions and contractions of population during the fall and winter seasons. Many high-end renters are attracted to the tailor-made beachfront condos that Highland Beach is renowned for, enjoying beach resort-style living in a private residence, enriching the fortunate few who rent these units. As a general rule, it's good to know how, and what you're renting, including the nature of the agreement you're signing. For those looking to learn something new and rent in Highland Beach, read today's blog for an overview of some of the most common types of rental agreements. 

annual long term agreement

Annual Or Long Term Agreement

The most common form of a rental agreement is a long-term agreement. Usually, these are annual contracts that renew a year after signage and are...

How Renters Insurance Helps Landlords and Tenants | Highland Beach Rental Properties

how rental insurance helps tenants and landlords

Rentals are a rarity in Highland Beach, where many move to enjoy the soothing sand and lapping waves as part of their ultimate destination. However, for those who are seasonal residents, or those looking to create an income property from their Highland Beach condo, renters insurance is practically a must. In today's Highland Beach Real Estate blog, we review some of the most compelling and simple reasons that renters insurance benefits both renter and landlord and why you should demand it as part of your income-producing property, especially in a place as upscale and costly as Highland Beach, Florida.

protects personal property

Protects The Tenant's Personal Property

The first and most important consideration is the protection of personal property for your tenant. This not only creates peace of mind but also easily sorts through any property damage situation as it stands without confusion. Even a younger, less wealthy tenant will likely have thousands of dollars of personal property in your rental at any time. This could include but is not limited to:

  • ...

5 Profit Killing Mistakes Highland Beach Landlords Make With Their Rental Property

5 profit killing mistakes

As a boutique, upscale Highland Beach Real Estate brokerage with extensive experience with investor clientele, we've seen all manner of profit and loss from landlords we've sold homes to and advised in the past. To narrow our list of ill-advised landlord mistakes to five was difficult, as there are many examples of poor choices cutting into profits and depreciating the quality of the rental property. For current and future rental owners, we're here to get in front of what could be your biggest mistake yet. These five landlord mistakes shown below are the most common and expected from landlords just about anywhere, and a cautionary tale to anyone looking to cut corners and save now. It may cost you big later!

neglecting essential appliance maintenance

Neglecting Essential Maintenance On Major Appliances

The inevitable breakdown of the washer, dryer, or other major appliance is the bane of a landlord's existence. Save for major disasters like flooding, fire, or a full HVAC overhaul, the repair or replacement of significant appliances can wipe out profits for a month or more. The extension of life on these pieces of equipment is one of the most important roles local handymen play when servicing rental homes, but their upkeep is often ignored until a critical mass is reached and replacement...

Understanding An Escalation Clause In Real Estate | Highland Beach Real Estate

what is an escalation clause in real estate

An escalation clause is a contractual stipulation that enhances or otherwise changes depending on counteroffers from differing parties. It defines certain conditions that, when met, allow the outstanding offer to be elevated to a certain stated amount. In real estate, escalation clauses are one of the best ways to ensure you get the slice of Highland Beach Real Estate you're pining for, strengthening your offer and showing your prospective seller you mean business. In today's blog, learn the ins and outs of a real estate escalation clause and whether you should consider adding one to your next offer.

what is an escalation clause?

What Is An Escalation Clause?

Partially defined above, an escalation clause in real estate often means you are willing to match any competing offer to a certain stated price. This ensures that you stay in the running for the home in absentia, with your offer doing the work for you. In theory, the concept of an escalation clause is simple, but in practice requires greater attention to detail and includes several key components. The most basic understanding...

5 Modern Gadgets To Help The Busy Realtor | Real Estate Technology

5 modern gadgets to help the busy realtor

Real Estate is changing. Technology has influenced everything we do. From how we call our leads, to how we show homes, and how buyers search for them, everything is new in this now centuries-old profession. Despite the fact that Real Estate still includes a significant emphasis on direct marketing, physical ads, and referral discourse, technology is affecting every aspect of the industry. For the on-the-go, quick-thinking Realtor, these 5 simple and sometimes inexpensive gadgets will amplify your productivity and mobilize you in ways you can't on your own. Read today's Highland Beach Real Estate blog and get your list ready! 

quality tablet computer

A Quality Tablet Computer

A tablet computer is not a necessity but can add a level of technological dynamism to your career. Tablets are handheld, easy to move, affordable compared to laptops, and often include display options that are excellent for modern presentations. Tablets allow for sleek, quick movement from app to app, render beautiful high-quality images, and can record leads at an open house. Tablets allow for the mobility of a cellular phone and the functionality of a computer, at least to the extent you're...