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A rare opportunity awaits on the white sands and shimmering shores of beautiful Highland Beach, FL! Situated directly between Delray Beach to the north and Boca Raton to the south, this almost exclusively waterfront community spans just over a mile of majestic South Florida coastline. Despite its minute population and small geographical footprint, Highland Beach looms large with its superb waterfront condos and the small but unique local populace. Incorporated in 1949, Highland Beach’s “secession” from Boca was velveteen, claiming its autonomy over a simple dispute on salinity treatments to their freshwater supply. Learn more about this gorgeous beach town, and the luxury condo that awaits you!

exclusive highland beach condo

Stand Up To The Storms

Highland Beach can take its name literally, with the average property residing more than 20 feet above sea level. For a state that can likely claim a landfill as its highest peak, this bolstering of nearly two stories ensures that the strong, durable construction of your Highland Beach condo isn’t the only thing standing up to the threat of a hurricane. Enjoy the views from your elevated perspective, and when the storm surge rises, you’ll be that much better off.

Nothing But Your Neighbors

While Boca and Delray might be sprawling suburban centers thriving amid the continued flight to Florida, Highland Beach includes only two incorporated businesses. The result is the total maximization of the small parcel the city calls home. Highland Beach plays privy to parks, recreation, beautiful beach gazebos, and is flanked by parks along the stretch from Delray to Boca Raton. With such limited commercial activity on Highland Beach, yet instant access to neighboring towns, this place is truly a slice of luxuriant paradise.

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Views for Miles

The pristine interior of this incredible condo is only matched by the views outside. The wrap-around balcony affords you multiple views of the sunrise and sunset while adding an open space to entertain guests and customize your outdoor presence. Perhaps most spectacular is the dining area, replete with three massive windows facing north and east – allowing for the golden hues of the morning sun to naturally illuminate the space.

interior and exterior of highland beach condo

Your Private Time

Highland Beach certainly has its fair share of fun, friendly, and interesting neighbors, but it’s often the desire for a little sliver of privacy that drives some to hang their hats on Highland Beach. Niche.com recently named Highland Beach as one of the top 3 places to retire in America – but don’t get it twisted. Highland Beach is much more than a place to unwind and live your golden years, yet for those seeking to get away, this boutique 26 condo building offers a private beach, private entrance, and lush greenery lining the walkways and areas surrounding the building. We don’t suggest becoming antisocial, but this Highland Beach condo is as much your private study as it could be your holiday vacation destination!

A Remarkable, Unique Find In A Red Hot Market

This 3/3 at 2,600 square feet is an incredible value at its price point and a rare find! Highland Beach scarcely offers condos of this prestige to the market, but we’re blessed to carry this listing. Every room is a unique opportunity to apply your flair, design, and personal touch to a brilliantly designed floor plan. Eclectic but refined, shapely but open-ended, this Highland Beach masterpiece is waiting for someone special to take the keys and run with it. The tactfully designed split floor plan allows for a second, discreet entryway into the additional master suite. This is the quintessential guest accommodation – complete with an enormous walk-in closet and full master bath. Perfect for retirees, or even young families. With TWO pets allowed and the aforementioned spacious balcony, among other luxury accouterments, this secret find might not last long when friends and family learn of your new Highland Beach abode!

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