Key Tips For Buying Out Of State Homes

tips for buying out of state homes

For Highland Beach homeowners, it's likely that they may be occupying a second home. Despite the city being in close proximity to both Delray Beach and Boca Raton, the lack of schools, grocery stores, and local businesses within the city's vicinity makes it a less-than-popular locale for young families and budget renters. When looking at the city's demographic data, housing inventory, and average income, it becomes more apparent that this tiny town is more of a beachfront retreat than a place to sit down and set up shop. With a median income well over six figures and a median age of just a few months under 70, it's clear that Highland Beach caters to the "second home" demographic. Though Florida has long been a place where northerners and successful foreigners choose to invest in real estate, this effect is magnified in a place like Highland Beach. For anyone looking to invest in a beautiful Highland Beach waterfront property, here are a few tips for concerned out-of-state home buyers!

pre approved paperwork

Have All Preapproval Paperwork In Order

When looking to buy an out-of-state home, it's more important than ever to have all documentation, especially financially related in order. The less cause for delay or concern the better, especially when it comes to proving your financial solvency. There may be financial regulations, housing laws, and other rules that need to be sifted through before moving forward, along with affairs in your home state as well, especially if you're moving and not buying a second home.

knowlegable realtor with contacts in the area

Find A Realtor With Knowledge & Contacts In The Desired Area

Champagne & Parisi agents are determined, communicative, hardworking, and ethically centered. However, these remarkable intangibles are hardly worth much to an out-of-state buyer unless it is matched by in-depth knowledge and a robust local network. Their knowledge should extend in several areas, and depending on your needs, tailor that information to what you're looking for. While every Realtor should know the ins and outs of their service area, some may be more suited to work with waterfront condos, while others may be better for resettling families with schoolchildren. Your Highland Beach Realtor should know the latest on the building you're looking into, the area you're seeking, and the necessary contractors and laborers to make any changes once you've moved in.

learn the state and local laws

Know The Ins and Outs Of State & Local Law

Along with having all the prepared paperwork, you should know what to expect from your new state and local laws. While we expect a majority (hopefully all) of our clients to never have run-ins with the law, there are some things that may not be legal in some places that are in others. A great example is cell phone use in cars, where laws vary drastically from state to state. Moreover, financial, tax, and residential code enforcement laws also vary and are something you should know before filing paperwork and acquiring assets in another state.

cost of living

Learn About The Cost Of Living And Public Safety In The Area

Public safety in Highland Beach is a given. It's abundantly rare that someone with the means will choose to move to a place less safe and more crime-ridden than before. In some circumstances, moving to big cities like New York or Los Angeles for an outstanding opportunity may lead someone into a more "dangerous" community, but that's never the case when choosing a home in Highland Beach. The cost of living, however, may be impacted when relocating to Highland Beach. The cost of living in South Florida has shot up in recent years and was never a cheaper market. Remember that while you, your loved ones, and your things may be moving, your budget might not be.

plan a visit

Plan A Visit

Chances are, if you can afford Highland Beach Real Estate, you can afford a domestic flight to South Florida.  It is up to you and your bank account to decide if you're capable of buying sight unseen and are willing to assume that risk. In the meantime, it certainly won't hurt to visit your Realtor, see the sights, and learn more about the community the best way you can - in person.

ensure proper contingencies are met

Ensure Your Bid Includes The Proper Contingencies

A contingency-riddled bid may dissuade sellers and their representatives from working with you, but when buying from another state, it is more excusable to include more contingencies. For your case, you may want to review what necessary contingencies can be placed to protect you and the seller from any hangups, delays, or unforeseen events that would cancel your transaction. The selection of which contingencies and the perceived scenarios that would trigger these are up to you and your Realtor to decide. These may be the lone stipulation that rescues a deal or prevents you from losing thousands in escrow.

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