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Key Tips For Buying Out Of State Homes

tips for buying out of state homes

For Highland Beach homeowners, it's likely that they may be occupying a second home. Despite the city being in close proximity to both Delray Beach and Boca Raton, the lack of schools, grocery stores, and local businesses within the city's vicinity makes it a less-than-popular locale for young families and budget renters. When looking at the city's demographic data, housing inventory, and average income, it becomes more apparent that this tiny town is more of a beachfront retreat than a place to sit down and set up shop. With a median income well over six figures and a median age of just a few months under 70, it's clear that Highland Beach caters to the "second home" demographic. Though Florida has long been a place where northerners and successful foreigners choose to invest in real estate, this effect is magnified in a place like Highland Beach. For anyone looking to invest in a beautiful Highland Beach waterfront property, here are a few tips for concerned out-of-state home buyers!

pre approved paperwork

Have All Preapproval Paperwork In Order


6 Feng Shui Tips For Your Highland Beach Condo

6 feng shui tips

"Feng Shui" is defined by Oxford as A Chinese Thought System of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy, and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when designing buildings. It may sound esoteric to the Western ear, but it's a part of everything we do when scheming and designing our homes. When it comes to our Highland Beach condos, there is so much more than just space to contend with. When gazing at the vastness of the azure Atlantic from your Sabal Point balcony, suddenly the foreign concept of energy flow becomes a much more scientific concept. The way things are spaced, sized, and positioned not only makes for a more efficient use of space, but a more balanced light and airflow leading to a generally better feeling altogether. These tips will help you as you quest to make the most out of every corner, window, and open space in your Highland Beach condominium.

avoid placing large furniture close to doorways

Avoid Placing Large Furniture Too Close to Doorways...