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Creative Ways To Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

creative ways to pay off your mortgage

Committing to a mortgage is one of the most significant financial decisions anyone can make. When financing your Highland Beach Condo, making the wrong move could lead you to ruin. On the contrary, and in a much more optimistic tone, consider the benefits of paying off your mortgage early. While the benefit to your credit may not be as significant, the loss of funds to interest far surpasses any lost benefit to your credit score. After all, a credit score is worthless if you can't afford what you're qualifying for. For the early birds, late workers, and fiscally present homeowners, here are some creative ways to pay off your mortgage.

round up 100 dollars

Round Up To The Next $100, or $1,000

One way many millennials have automated little savings is with the "round-up rule." It states that any amount spent should be rounded up to the next dollar, with the difference going to savings. For instance, if a candy bar costs $1.17, the roundup rule would determine that the additional $0.83 to reach $2.00 would be automated to savings. The same logic can be used to attack your mortgage. If your payment is $2,687,...

Understanding An Escalation Clause In Real Estate | Highland Beach Real Estate

what is an escalation clause in real estate

An escalation clause is a contractual stipulation that enhances or otherwise changes depending on counteroffers from differing parties. It defines certain conditions that, when met, allow the outstanding offer to be elevated to a certain stated amount. In real estate, escalation clauses are one of the best ways to ensure you get the slice of Highland Beach Real Estate you're pining for, strengthening your offer and showing your prospective seller you mean business. In today's blog, learn the ins and outs of a real estate escalation clause and whether you should consider adding one to your next offer.

what is an escalation clause?

What Is An Escalation Clause?

Partially defined above, an escalation clause in real estate often means you are willing to match any competing offer to a certain stated price. This ensures that you stay in the running for the home in absentia, with your offer doing the work for you. In theory, the concept of an escalation clause is simple, but in practice requires greater attention to detail and includes...