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A rare opportunity awaits on the white sands and shimmering shores of beautiful Highland Beach, FL! Situated directly between Delray Beach to the north and Boca Raton to the south, this almost exclusively waterfront community spans just over a mile of majestic South Florida coastline. Despite its minute population and small geographical footprint, Highland Beach looms large with its superb waterfront condos and the small but unique local populace. Incorporated in 1949, Highland Beach’s “secession” from Boca was velveteen, claiming its autonomy over a simple dispute on salinity treatments to their freshwater supply. Learn more about this gorgeous beach town, and the luxury condo that awaits you!

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Stand Up To The Storms

Highland Beach can take its name literally, with the average property residing more than 20 feet above sea level. For a state that can likely claim a landfill as its highest peak, this bolstering of nearly two stories ensures that the strong, durable construction of your Highland Beach condo isn’t the only thing standing up to the threat of a hurricane. Enjoy the views from your elevated perspective, and when the storm surge rises, you’ll be that much better off.

Nothing But Your Neighbors

While Boca and Delray might be sprawling suburban centers thriving amid the continued flight...

5 Reasons To Move To Highland Beach | Highland Beach Real Estate

5 reasons to move to Highland Beach

Highland Beach is its own sliver of subtropical magic, wedged between the elegant Boca Raton and the newly bustling, trendy Delray Beach. Learn from our Champagne & Parisi Realtor Team why Highland Beach is one of the most desirable communities to consider in the area. Here are 5 reasons we've heard from clients past & present about why to move to Highland Beach!

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Hang Your Hat On Highland Beach

Highland Beach, much like its neighbors Boca Raton to the south and Delray Beach to the north, is teeming with retirees. Niche.com rated Highland Beach in its top 3 best places to retire in America. Despite its reputation for housing an aged population, this isn't to detract from the majestic tropical vibrancy, beautiful foliage, and more than available white sand beaches to spend a moment or the rest of your life upon. 

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The Perfect Middle Ground

There are a few terrestrial plays-on-words we expect to employ when discussing this aptly...