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Highland Beach Home Maintenance | A Quick Guide To Keeping Your Home Clean

highland beach home maintenance guide

Living in a beautiful Highland Beach home is a slice of paradise that is the envy of the world. However, with all oceanfront real estate, there are nuances that are specific to caring for your home. With a lifetime under the beaming Florida sun, surrounded by salt spray and high humidity, there are many ways that a Highland Beach home can and will deteriorate without the proper care. Inland homes face similar challenges, but with the proximity to the waterfront comes a need to focus on issues that are amplified due to the oceanfrontage. Learn more about ways to keep your Highland Beach home safe, clean, and valuable! 

rusty screw in metal surface

Check Metal Fixtures For Rust

Highland Beach truly puts the "beach" in its name. With no residency more than a few feet away from a large saltwater body (our Intracoastal or Atlantic Ocean) its key to keep an eye on your metal fixtures, especially screws, nails, and other fasteners that keep things in place. There are a number of ways to prevent and protect against the wear and tear of salt spray, but being aware and vigilant of your needs in the first place is the best way to be as a Highland...