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Sea Turtle Nesting Season On Highland Beach | Highland Beach Real Estate

the dos and dont's of sea turtle season in highland beach

Highland Beach is a mere sliver of waterfront real estate nestled between Boca Raton and Delray Beach. Thanks to the unorthodox founding of this tiny waterfront town with less than 5,000 annual residents, the city has become a uniquely suitable nesting site for sea turtles. These spectacular, oft-endangered creatures are some of the most majestic fauna that graces our regional waters. As those fortunate enough to enjoy living on Highland Beach, it's our job to be stewards of our own backyard, and consider the needs of the land and nature that has been here long before we arrived. For newcomers, the nuances of sea turtle nesting season can be confusing, or unknown. As your Highland Beach Realtors, we may not be ecologists, but we know the best and worst practices while being mindful of sea turtles on Highland Beach. Here are some do's and dont's to be aware of as sea turtle nesting season on Highland Beach quickly approaches.

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5 Ultra-Luxe Highland Beach Condos | The Most Upscale Highland Beach Condos

5 ultraluxe highland beach condos

Highland Beach condos are known for their immediate beach access and refined luxury amenities. These lovely condos outfit a stretch of barely more than a mile, giving the small but fortunate year-round population of Highland Beach a beautiful platform to live their best lives. In truth, every Highland Beach condo for sale is a spectacular expression of the best of the South Florida lifestyle. Yet, some stand above all, whether in size, scale, or luxury appointments. These five might not be your top five, but among several selections, these 5 ultraluxe Highland Beach condos represent the very best in Highland Beach Real Estate. Read on to learn more about each!

villa magna front entry

Villa Magna

Villa Magna includes 89 luxurious condos directly on the waterfront. Featuring breathtaking views, these condos are amongst the most valued and in-demand in the Highland Beach Real Estate market. Beyond the magnificent lobby with a 24/7 doorman and security, features include oversized gourmet kitchens, crown molding, marble floors, and a paradisal view of both the ocean and Intracoastal. Additionally, Villa Magna condos sit on the northern edge of Highland Beach, ensuring near-instant access to Delray...