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5 Popular Bathroom Remodeling Trends For Highland Beach Condos

5 popular remodeling trends

The warm hues of the Adriatic Coast and the Mizner-inspired Mediterranean architecture are finally giving way to modernity after nearly a century of dominance in Highland Beach and the surrounding area. While the love for the aesthetic remains, many new Highland Beach condos are now embracing modernity - especially through shape and color. The large columns and bent iron, beiges, and deep yellows are now being replaced by clean, sharp lines, off-whites, and bright blues.  For the restroom, you'd be surprised how much thought can go into it. Far from just a place to do your business and pretty yourself up, our bathrooms should be as comfortable and beautiful as any other room in the home. For today's Highland Beach Real Estate blog, we're reviewing some of these newfangled bathroom remodeling trends. You'll notice some are retro-modern throwbacks to yesteryear, while others are entirely new and modern. Read on, learn more, and find some inspiration for your own!

eclectic style

Eclectic & Vintage Style

One element of yesteryear that seems...

Why Real Estate Is Still The Best Long Term Investment

why real estate is the best long term investment

With the shaky economy we're currently experiencing, many have likened these dark financial times to the great recession of 2008. However, there are stark differences that one should know before making such an association. Housing and subpar housing loans were at the epicenter of the collapse in 2008, but while they are affected by our economy, they are not the focal point of the downturn. Instead, housing prices have ebbed and flowed during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the few years that followed, mainly following market forces pushed towards South Florida thanks in part to the draconian policies that shuttered businesses in many of our most popular cities. Following the corrective actions of the Federal Reserve, housing prices in Highland Beach have now begun to plateau, and in some cases fall. If anything, the troubles of our current economy only endorses the foundational principles of real estate investment. Your Highland Beach condo may not be worth the astronomical (and honestly, unnatural) price tag it was in 2021, but that does not make it a bad investment. Here are some of the most important things to remember when considering Highland Beach real estate and why it's still, and always will be, a strong investment.

everyone needs housing, not everyone needs a product...