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Highland Beach Hurricane Preparedness | 5 Tips To Prepare Your Highland Beach Home For Hurricane Season

prepare your highland beach home for hurricanes

Highland Beach is renowned for its natural bulwark against hurricanes. With a slight uptick in elevation and robust beachfront plant life, Highland Beach is one of the best waterfront communities to protect against storms by nature. Yet, even a fortified palace seated upon a sandy loft is no match for mother nature if preparations are not made. This isn't to scare you or to deter you from seeking beautiful waterfront condos like The Wiltshire House or Trafalgar, but it is meant to heighten your vigilance and provide some tips you may not have learned from conventional wisdom and most commonly available information. Learn the basics and check in with the Highland Beach Real Estate blog to learn more about hurricane preparedness for Highland Beach residents.

partially drain pool

If You Own A Pool, Partially Drain It

Some of these tips may be irrelevant if you're the fortunate resident of one of the many...

5 Reasons To Move To Highland Beach | Highland Beach Condos For Sale

5 reasons to move to highland beach

Highland Beach is a magnificent gem among gems in one of the most desirable stretches of our eastern seaboard. One of the best-kept secrets of Palm Beach County, this tiny stretch of beachfront real estate is renowned for its waterfront mansions and high-rise luxury condos. Beyond the exquisite and exclusive housing opportunities, there are numerous reasons to choose life in Highland Beach. These 5 reasons to move to Highland Beach may not have anything to do with where you sleep and the home or condo you live in, but they are significant nonetheless. Learn why the tiny beach town of Highland Beach is a unique expression of South Florida real estate, wedged between two of South Florida's most iconic beachfront towns.

a natural protection against hurricanes

A Natural Bulwark Against Hurricanes

The relatively flat topography of Highland Beach Real Estate might lend to the perception that the name is misleading. Yet, Highland Beach is a cut above, no pun intended. In both luxury, and naturality, Highland Beach offers a unique selection of housing opportunities. Indeed, Highland Beach is an average of ...