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5 Mistakes First Time Agents Make When Beginning Their Careers | Highland Beach Real Estate

5 major mistakes new realtors make

The cautionary tales we've observed from young and sometimes erstwhile agents are unfortunate, but should never be an impetus to leave the profession. Rather, like the mistakes of any forebears in any pursuit, the onus is on us to learn from them and work to smoothen these potential pitfalls in the future of our practice, no matter how likely or inevitable they are. Today's Highland Beach Real Estate blog will cover some of these stories, and show what went wrong, and how to work around these potential errors that could shake up the early trajectory of your career.

cup of coffee with "backup plan" written on a post it

Rushing In Without A Backup Plan

As much as we advocate for young professionals to make bold decisions grounded in self-confidence, many factors impact the bottom line of a Realtor's body of work that may not be within the agent's influence. As with any major transition, be it a long-distance move, educational pursuit, or career transition, it's always best to have a backup plan to supplement your income if your real estate career needs more time to nurture and grow. This is almost always the case with young Realtors...

5 Time-Tested Ways Realtors Can Market Themselves Locally | Highland Beach Real Estate

5 time tested local marketing strategies

Despite the world shifting further and further into the digital realm, Real Estate will still and always will remain a reputation, a people-forward business. The "product" in this case, is the property showcased by the listing agent and prospected by the buyer, but is not a binary transaction that takes place in a checkout line or online order. Though a Realtor without a prominent digital presence is a slowly dying breed, many ways to market yourself locally are as sensible in our industry as any. For today's Highland Beach Real Estate blog, we showcase 5 time-tested local marketing tactics that have endured the digital shift and will remain part of a savvy agent's complete marketing plan.

hands on volunteering

Hands-On Volunteering

Certainly not the easiest, or lowest effort way to network and put yourself out there, volunteering in your community may be one of the most potent. Oftentimes, the best relationships are built organically, with the knowledge of your real estate practice trickling in over time, rather than being boldly...