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How To Care For Your Boat After A Hurricane | Highland Beach Boat Safety

how to care for your boat after a hurricane

The big one has passed, and the sun pierces the misty veil of the morning after. Your home, family, and friends are ok - what matters most. But what of your boat? Your beautiful, shimmering vessel of South Floridian bliss - the aquatic party platform you envisioned spending your Sunday adrift upon when you moved to Highland Beach. In today's guide, we close the door on our two-part hurricane preparedness series for your Highland Beach boat. If you've done everything you can to prepare, all you can do is wait. Stay safe during hurricane season, and read these tips below on how to care for your boat after a hurricane.

permission to enter the marina

Ensure You Are Safe & Permitted To Reenter The Marina

Marinas are secure locations to start with, but may also contain hazards that could delay or prevent its opening altogether for some time after the hurricane. Marinas, when damaged can be susceptible to everything from jagged metal edges to leaking gas and live wires. When the storm passes, your boat shouldn't be the first thing on your mind anyway. With a little patience and some effort on behalf of the marina team, you'll access your boat as soon as possible and begin assessing the damage,...