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Our 5 Favorite Order-In Restaurants Near Highland Beach

5 favorite order in restaurants

Highland Beach is a horse of a different color. Wedged on the beachfront between Delray Beach and Boca Raton, this beautiful waterfront town is home to just over 4,000 annual residents, with that number doubling during tourist season. Thanks to its unique position and status, Highland Beach has no traffic lights, schools, restaurants, and only two businesses with a Highland Beach address. Despite its relative "isolation" from the bustle and nightlife of nearby towns, in reality, the edges of the city are only a mile apart, and on either side, the town is flanked by two of the most exciting downtown districts in South Florida.

For avid foodies and cocktail connoisseurs, Atlantic Avenue to the north, and Mizner Park to the south, are each replete with dozens of incredible food selections - from the finest upscale dining to cheesesteaks and truffle fries. For those Highland Beach residents content with watching the moon rise from their beautifully decorated patio, here are 5 of our favorite spots to order in from to the north and south.

hawkers asian street food

Hawkers Asian Street Food - North

When we think of delivery food,...

5 Modern Gadgets To Help The Busy Realtor | Real Estate Technology

5 modern gadgets to help the busy realtor

Real Estate is changing. Technology has influenced everything we do. From how we call our leads, to how we show homes, and how buyers search for them, everything is new in this now centuries-old profession. Despite the fact that Real Estate still includes a significant emphasis on direct marketing, physical ads, and referral discourse, technology is affecting every aspect of the industry. For the on-the-go, quick-thinking Realtor, these 5 simple and sometimes inexpensive gadgets will amplify your productivity and mobilize you in ways you can't on your own. Read today's Highland Beach Real Estate blog and get your list ready! 

quality tablet computer

A Quality Tablet Computer

A tablet computer is not a necessity but can add a level of technological dynamism to your career. Tablets are handheld, easy to move, affordable compared to laptops, and often include display options that are excellent for modern presentations. Tablets allow for sleek, quick movement from app to app, render beautiful high-quality images, and can record leads at an open house. Tablets allow for the mobility of a cellular phone and...