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Creative Ways To Design Your Highland Beach Deck Space

highland beach deck design ideas

For Highland Beach homeowners, your outdoor space is the piece de la resistance. It is a place where you can enjoy the latest in Summer kitchen elegance, culinary innovation, and sunny days by your infinity pool. Despite the abundant ways to achieve an everlasting state of bliss on your Highland Beach patio deck, there are still limitations to the space and scope of your design. For our part, we examined, spoke to, and enjoyed several shining examples of Highland Beach patio design, and devised our list of creative ways to design your deck space. Read on and find what works for you!

modern patio railing

Add A Modern Railing

They often are understated or ignored altogether, but railings can dramatically alter the appearance of the space that surrounds them. The noteworthy Mediterranean-inspired railings and accents of Highland Beach Condos like Toscana are as much a part of the visage of the community as the spaces kept between them. Adding, swapping, or designing around a new updated railing will bring a tiered effect to your outdoor deck and give your guests something to lean on while taking in the sunsets.

pour block for grill and gas...

5 Things To Consider When Buying A Second Home

5 things to consider when buying a second home

Highland Beach is a quiet beachfront town renowned for its concentrated wealth and numerous part-time residents. Some Highland Beach residents come from afar,  even buying second homes in the tens of millions. For others of more modest yet still resplendent means, buying a second home is an opportunity not without its challenges. The last thing anyone would want is for their vacation home to become their biggest liability. Without sound investment plans and a keen understanding of your cash flow situation, buying a second home in Highland Beach could become an anchor when it should be your playground. Here are 5 important things to consider before buying a second home in South Florida, especially Highland Beach!

plans for the home

Your Plans For The Home

Before buying a home, let alone a second home, you should know what your primary purpose for the space will be. If you're looking for a watersports hub to enjoy the sun and blue skies during the hottest days of Summer, you may be a little disappointed buying too far from the nearest boat launch and maintenance depot. However, if you're seeking the finest amenities and have little regard for your Highland Beach condo in relation to the positioning of...