Our 5 Favorite Order-In Restaurants Near Highland Beach

5 favorite order in restaurants

Highland Beach is a horse of a different color. Wedged on the beachfront between Delray Beach and Boca Raton, this beautiful waterfront town is home to just over 4,000 annual residents, with that number doubling during tourist season. Thanks to its unique position and status, Highland Beach has no traffic lights, schools, restaurants, and only two businesses with a Highland Beach address. Despite its relative "isolation" from the bustle and nightlife of nearby towns, in reality, the edges of the city are only a mile apart, and on either side, the town is flanked by two of the most exciting downtown districts in South Florida.

For avid foodies and cocktail connoisseurs, Atlantic Avenue to the north, and Mizner Park to the south, are each replete with dozens of incredible food selections - from the finest upscale dining to cheesesteaks and truffle fries. For those Highland Beach residents content with watching the moon rise from their beautifully decorated patio, here are 5 of our favorite spots to order in from to the north and south.

hawkers asian street food

Hawkers Asian Street Food - North

When we think of delivery food, we think about what's affordable, abundant, and preserves well. Hawkers Asian Street Food, and pan-Asian food in general, is atop this list. Bursting with complex flavor, spices, and unique textures, we love a solid app-entree combo from Hawkers at our doorstep in the evening. The summer rolls, Hawkers Delight, and Yaki Udon are among our favorites for eating in and dining out. With plenty of great vegan and vegetarian options, Hawkers is an easy solution for a diverse group.

lemograss asian kitchen

Lemongrass Asian Kitchen - South & North

Lemongrass Asian Kitchen is to more traditional Japanese and Thai fare what Hawkers is to inventive new spins of Asian classics. With an expected Sushi/Thai menu headlined by dishes like Pad Thai, Tom Kha, and a range of outstanding nigiri and hand rolls, Lemongrass Asian Kitchen is both a lunch favorite when working from our main beachfront office. 

aruns indian kitchen channa masala

Arun's Indian Kitchen - South

Arun's Indian Kitchen is a very short trip from our beachfront office, resting adjacent to Highland Beach in the Fifth Avenue Shops of Boca Raton. This fast-casual Indian restaurant features a wide menu of Indian classics with a range of heat that would test the mettle of any spice lover. From their very affordable channa masala to their new and sizable vegan menu, Arun's is not just one of the best takeout or order-in restaurants in Boca Raton, but one of the best Indian restaurants in general.

pizza rustica

Pizza Rustica - North

Pizza Rustica is one of the only restaurants on Atlantic Ave open past 2 AM. In sports, there is a popular adage: "The best ability is availability." To an extent, this is true of Pizza Rustica after midnight on Delray Beach. However, they are far from an option only for those sleepless and desperate. Their generous, delectable rectangular slices are a late-night favorite for anyone lucky enough to live near one of their locations. Pizza Rustica nails the basics - with pepperoni their most popular, but also ensures veggie lovers and those looking for something a bit more exotic are sated as well.

calaveras cantina

Calaveras Cantina - South

Last but not least, and recently highlighted in a few of our Boca Raton blogs, Calaveras Cantina is one of several outstanding Mexican establishments in Mizner Park. Calaveras is one of the premier and dare we say, upscale yet humble Mexican restaurants in the area. Their Taco Tuesday menu features discounted a la carte tacos all day, the perfect time to order to your heart's content without overspending. In addition, one of the more intelligent offerings is their Takeout Special, which is tailor-made to feed 4 to 5 and keep things simple. Their takeout special includes 12 mix-and-match tacos, 2 sides of rice and beans, 2 sides of salsa and guacamole, and chips.

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