Real Estate Content Ideas To Get More Clients

real estate content ideas to get more listings

Real Estate is growing ever more digital, but as a reputation-based industry with long-term transactions, creating your niche and becoming successful is more than just marketing a product at the point of sale. Agents and brokers know that content of all types is crucial to projecting your expertise and attracting the audience you desire. Here are some terrific content ideas that work online and on paper. Bring these to life and watch your business grow!

neighborhood guides in highland beach

Neighborhood Guides

There’s no better endorsement for a neighborhood than living there yourself! Yet for all others in the area, you can easily visit, compile, and put together guides that will provide your clientele with the latest and most crucial information to hone their decisions. Highland Beach condos are a specific niche that are unique even amongst its neighbors. Neighborhood guides can include things like pricing guides, amenity lists, local restaurants, shops, beautiful photography, and adjacent schools, hospitals, and other essential services.  

home improvement tips

Home Improvement Tips

Homeowners are always looking for the best cost-to-benefit when remodeling and improving their homes. For starters, present evidence-based, forward-thinking ideas that take your local market into account. For instance, any small improvements that prevent moisture, heat, and pests from entering your home. These are often easy ways to address inefficiencies that can impact costs and quality of life, and are part of owning homes in Boynton Beach and South Florida.

current market updates

Market Updates

Market updates are a super easy way to stay in touch with your clientele. The MLS offers readymade snapshots of the market, tailored to your specifications – most of which can be conveniently exported into an appealing, visually simplified graphic that is both compelling and informative.

buying and selling tips

Home Buying and Selling Tips

This is where your experience comes into play. There are often things that are easily overlooked by the average untrained home buyer, hence the need for a Realtor representative to protect you and your bottom line. These tips can be drawn from your prior experiences, with particularly juicy details of past errors sure to pique the interest of your readers.

client success stories

Client Success Stories

While you’re busy warning your clients of past critical failures from uninformed buyers, remember to show the other side of working with you. While it's always a powerful statement to show what can go wrong without the support of a professional, remind clients of the benefits of not only working with a skilled Realtor but working with you.

video content

Video Content

Since our phones and computers are more than fast enough to project video by our comments, video content has taken over as the most powerful medium in digital marketing. Video grants you the ability to (obviously) use motion and movement in your marketing, but also allows for you to communicate directly through both auditory and visual mediums.

local events highland beach

Local Events

Local events show your potential clientele that you are present, active, and knowledgeable about your community. For online audiences, it’s very easy to take stories, live broadcasts, and create blog and social media posts before, during, and after events. For your on-the-ground work, what better way to engage your community and network with those closest to you?

infographic content


An extension of providing a market report, an infographic is any printed or digital design that shows either how to do something or elaborates on why something is what it is. These often meandering, step-by-step-based graphics are a favorite for anyone looking for quick, digestible, visibly appealing knowledge.

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