The Top 5 Restaurants Around Highland Beach

waterfront dining in highland beach

Highland Beach is known for its uncanny elevation, high-end beachfront manses, and its history with water purification. Highland Beach's entire existence is owed to a famous 1949 vote to incorporate the town following a dispute over water purification. This velveteen divorce led to a city with just under 4,000 year-round residents, and a total landmass of 0.5 square miles. Due to its uniqueness and its tiny footprint, Highland Beach is often forgotten as the individual it is when wedged between more prominent Delray and Boynton Beach. Highland Beach only has two incorporated businesses, meaning there are no stores, restaurants, or even doctors who call Highland Beach their permanent practice. Regardless, there's plenty to eat, drink, and practice on either side of this individual yet immediately accessible beachside town. Here are 5 restaurants within moments of Highland Beach that we recommend!

latitudes restaurant highland beach

Latitudes Restaurant

Sporting a crisp 4.5-star rating with over 1,200 reviews from a notoriously stringent crowd, Latitudes Restaurant is the only restaurant with a Highland Beach address, as it is found within one of the only businesses in Highland Beach - the Delray Sands Resort. Latitudes offer the classics you'd expect from an oceanfront restaurant, including surf and turf, a bright and delicious Sunday brunch, and live entertainment. 

harvest seasonal wine bar and grill

Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar - Delray Beach

Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar is part of a broader movement to merge gourmet cuisine with sensible sustainability initiatives. After all, not only is in-season produce higher quality, but it also is less resource-intensive and often relies less (if not at all) on artificial means of growth. Harvest proudly updates its menu each quarter, infusing locally grown produce from its partnership with over 75 farmers. "Know your farmer, know your food" is a philosophy that drives Harvest and part of the reason we're so glad to feature them.

le sorelle focaccia bread boca raton

Le Sorelle Restaurant - Boca Raton

Le Sorelle in Boca Raton is one of two locations spanning either side of Highland Beach, with their Boca location far more accessible to Highland Beach residents. Their commitment to fine authentic Italian cuisine begins with their story as immigrants from Italy's Southern Adriatic Coast and is shown through the care they place in every brick oven focaccia, top-quality steak, and succulent pasta dish.

novello restaurant boca raton

Novello Restaurant & Bar

Novello is one of the finest outdoor dining locales in the area, with their travertine-lined, well-shaded outdoor area one of the only places to escape the sweltering summer heat and still eat outside. Their private room accommodates up to 60, and its location just off Federal Highway makes it a quick trip to fine dining. Their menu is a tour of Italy including inspiration from land and sea, paired with their wide selection of primarily Italian wines. 

sandbar delray beach

The Sandbar Delray Beach

The Sandbar rests just south of Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, just a couple of miles north of Highland Beach's northern access, in the shadow of the Townhouses of Highland Beach. The Sandbar is an all outdoor bar and grill featuring delicious appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and specialty cocktails. Though it caters to a younger audience, patrons of all ages have found a place at the Sandbar, whether that be under their covered bar catching the game with the amicable and lovely bar staff or seated under the sun during one of the lively weekends featuring a live DJ and bar specials.

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